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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Review: Harley Quinn #15

This issue opens up with some girls asking another girl how her date went which she says went good till he tried to shake her hand instead of kiss her goodnight. Well that's a good thing on the first date cause it shows you he's not afraid of germs. Also what'd you expect he's your boss or whatever. Next we see some guy basically say how he'd like to do naughty stuff with her which causes her to give him the bird. It's funny cause right after she gives him the bird we see Harley Quinn buying a bunch of birds and dog food. I'm sure my dog Lala would love to live in her apartment with all those other dogs. Next we see Harley Quinn fight some guy named Tinderbox while in a burning building that he set on fire. Dude your not heat wave leave that to him. Next we see everyone jump on top of him to get to the ground safely. I'm surprised someone isn't screaming after Harley Quinn killed him. I mean I highly doubt he's alive with how many people jumped on him from that high up plus they never showed him alive so why isn't someone screaming oh dear god we all just killed that man! I mean we kinda helped kill him but that clown girl delivered the last blow. Guess they're not freaking out cause he set the place on fire and they can probably live with knowing that they didn't deliver the last blow. Later on we see some chick beat the shit out of some people at a restaurant. To see what happens to her after go buy and reaf this issue. Back in Harley Quinns apartment we see Poison Ivy in Harley Quinns bathtub. Some nerds are probably sad that there wasn't a nip slip. Anyways Poison Ivy listens to Harley as she tells her all her problems. Well that went fast Harley Quinn is now lying on top of Poison Ivy. And no they're not naked. Nerds are also probably mad that they didn't get a make out lesbian scene. To that I say go buy some porn and lock yourself in your room you lonely nerd. This issue ends with Harley Quinn asking for an assistant. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise fast but good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. After my friend reads this review I'm sure he'll be like where can I get this issue I need to see the almost lesbian make out scene. Things I learned from this issue. Don't go to that restaurant where that one chick used to work unless you want a bat to the face and hand.

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