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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Review: The Flash #1

This issue opens up with Barry getting struck by lighting. I get that this is a number one issue but that doesn't mean you need to rehash how he became The Flash I mean there's graphic novels and even the tv show for people to go and get that info. Anyways we see The Flash save a bunch of people while he thinks to himself. I know where you can start for your and Batmans case Flash. Just go to DC Comics headquarters and tell the writers to own up to their mistakes and give you guys back the ten years they stole. Anyways we see Barry Allen arrive late to a crime scene and get chewed out for it. Jeez chill out dude it's not like he won't get the case solved just because he's late. Later on Barry has a quick talk with Iris and Wally and then runs off to pull people out of a burning building. We see some guy getting attacked by some gang or whatever that calls themselves The Black Hole and apparently they killed his brother. Sorry but that name is lame. The Black Hole lmao... oh shit sorry I didn't mean to make fun of it so will you please quit shooting at me. Oh look you just shot that guy you dicks and the flash got here to late to stop you from shooting him. Dam he day isn't going so good. First he got shot now he got struck by lighting. I'm guessing he'll get run over next. Who the heck is that green lighting dude beating up the guys that just shot that cop? This issue ends with us finding out who that green lighting dude is. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good can't wait to read the next issue :). I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Remember kids if you get struck by lighting you just might become The Flash if you're lucky enough. Things I learned from this issue. Avoid central city unless you want to go there and try to get struck by lighting to see if you're lucky enough to become The Flash.

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