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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Review: Insexts #5

This issue opens up with Lady Bertram releasing wolf boy from his chains and him taking her and Mariah straight to his leader. I'd bring a few dog toys to this place just to see if they'd play with them when they were in wolf form. Go get the ball. Bad boy don't stare at me like I'm stupid. Next we see Countess Bertrams husband go to a whore house where he looks for a whore. How does his wife put up with his shit? I'm guessing she's completely clueless and thinks he'd never sleep with another woman. We meet Madame H who is actually The Hag and makes Countess Bertrams husband have some sort of funky trip where he sees himself being ripped to shreds. Show this to your kids and they'll avoid whores and strip clubs. Back to Lady Bertram and Mariah we see them having sex so she can find The Hag. Well you had her till she noticed you and now you see Countess Bertram who you think is The Hag which she's actually not. She's just a stupid bitch. Anyways we see a showdown between Lady Bertram vs Countess Bitch. To see who wins and how this issue ends go buy and read this issue. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise definitely gonna read the next issue :). I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I wonder how they'll explain Countess Bitches death to her husband. Things I learned from this issue. That Countess Bitches husband doesn't know how to keep it in his pants. Hate people like him.

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