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Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow patrol

This is a song I have on my favorites on YouTube it's sad but good

Check out this video on YouTube:


Happy Halloween

ℌ₳ㄗㄗ¥ ℌ₳ㄥㄥǿ₩ミミℵ

And for Halloween I was the spawn of the devil haha I just wore all black if u want to tell me what u were in the comments

My halloween story


One night I was walking all out on my own in the dark mad and cold. I had run away from home I could not take it anymore they treated me like shit. My dad had gotten drunk and hit me giving me a black eye but I've had worst then that I got a mark on my arm last week when he cut me. I stoped dead in my tracks as I heard the breathing behind me I turned to look I saw a shadow figure standing there. I walked on thinking maybe it'll leave me alone and go home. I turnd a coner and waited looked and the shadow was gone then I heard it call my name in a low deep voice. " Brice come here I just want to talk ". I started running I knew another way home anything would be better then this even my hell of a home. Minets pass as I'm running I'm geting closer to my house the shadow figure still behind me. Finally I get to my driveway I keep running finally to my front door reaching for the knob but before I can my head gets yanked back. I fall and hit my head hard on the ground I feel the blood in my hair. The dark shadow figure looks down at me and says " time to die " as it reaches and pulls out my heart.

Halloween bash

Haha this is how us gangsters on original gangsterz celebrate Halloween :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just wrong

U know what I think is just wrong is when ur dad basicly jumps on u about stuff and makes u feel worthless 1 I wasn't even sad about just what he said I was sad cause my walls broke and I feel bad for what I did to the girl I love I regret what I did yet I feel like she wont forgive me I mean what do I do? Also my dad shouldn't of did what he did fact 1 it's iPod not phone fact 2 I'm depressed so ok dad go make it worse fact 3 I was yelling at someone on palringo for 1 night cause they wouldn't leave me alone and it was on my iPod not phone fact 4 I don't get on the Internet late at night haha I get on my ( iPod ) and chat with friends or write in my blog and I try to be quit fact 5 I don't have school everyday so I dont need to go to bed erlie and wake up erlie fact 6 my dad shouldn't have done what he did tonight so for as of now I don't trust the ppl in my house only me and I'm not gona take help from them or trust there word cause I'm done begging for help and not geting it so I'll trust and help myself ok and my walls broke again also not why I'm ok

Bullshit blog update # 10

Welcome to bullshit blog update haha I haven't done 1 of these in a long time ok so my morning went good but this afternoon not good cause I didn't even get any dinner no one told me when it was ready so I find that bullshit I'm like really pissed and sad right now. Anyways I'll try to do another bullshit blog update later if u are pissed about anything tell me in the comments


Yes I think it's ok for me to write this u know what I find it so stupid that I didnt get any dinner because ppl won't tell me when it's ready so fuck them!

Halloween special

Yes that's right I want to do a halloween special for my blog what I'm gona do is make a scary story and write it down then put it on here but what I also want to do is get 2 or 3 more ppl to write 1 and I will post there story up tomarow along with mine.


Haha I'm excited 1 of my questions will be answerd in a YouTube video I even took a pic of the message :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Trust do I have trust in ppl ya a few but mainly myself more so myself cause I haven't seen very man ppl stick there necks out for me not even god I mean why would he want to help a broken chiled like me? I can tell u Theres 2 answers to this either he is gona help me cause he loves me. Or he's gona let me suffer and watch so for now ppl I'm just letting u know I trust myself alot more then other ppl

Talking on skype

Lmao haha I'm talking on skype while I write this! XD

My crew

The crew I made on og is gods reapers I disbanded it though and merged with my friend og flip420 the best leader out there

My profile pic

This is the profile pic I made for my twitter


Strength I belive I have a bit in me do u? U ask how I have strength I have it cause I know I still love that girl no matter what I know I never should've done what i did to her treated her the way I did I caged her down I was scared shed cheat on me cause I listened to her ex and never talked to her about what he said when I should've I relize that now I realize alot of stuff now I see the way she thought and acted and I know what she did wasn't wrong it was right. Now even as a friend I hurt her and I regret it cause I know I was stupid and wrong haha yes she can have a tone sometimes but she's still nice and has a big heart. She's even stuck her neck out for me even though I've been mean to her and I thank her for that. How I have strength is now I understand her and feel and know that I will and can fix what I did plus she's beautiful and nice and I want to be there for her and never see her get hurt so I promise this to myself I will make things better. If u agree and have someone u love and have hurt and want to fix things with leave a comment.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Been to hell

Been to hell by Hollywood undead is awesome it got me so pumped up that I'm still pumped up haha! XD

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nice things

Ok I just find this so werid and messed up why sometimes when ppl tell us nice things do we disagree and blow them off? I mean really I think whenever someone says something nice to us we should smile and take what they said as strength so I'm Gina try to do that this week u all should 2 if u disagree let me know

My ribs

Owwww my ribs freaking hurt! :(


Palringos a fun app I'm yelling at some kid on it cause he won't shut up and back off so go download the app now and add me to ur contacts deadm15@hotmail.com


UGH! I missed school and will now be failing 3 classes for first term

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Awesome pic # 1

This is an awesome pic

When u feel alone

When u feel alone don't cry stand tall and say ur ok. When u feel alone don't give up on life cause ppl out there need u. When u feel alone don't say no to help say yes let ppl in and let them talk to u and help u. How do I know all this? I've been through it and am still going through it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deadm15 the reaper

Here's a little saying I made on font maker

₩ℍミℵ ₮ℌミ ㄥⅈǤℌ₮$ Ǥǿ ǿʊ₮ ⅅǿℵ₮ ℱミ₳℞ ㄗ℞₳¥ ℱǿ℞ ℱǿ℞Ǥⅈ℣ミℵミ$$ ǿ℞ ⅅミ₳ⅆℳ15 ῲⅈㄥㄥ ℞ミ₳ㄗ ¥ǿΰ℞ $ǿΰㄥ

Monday, October 24, 2011

The way I feel

What am I just supoesed to always feel bad for what I did the way I treated her made her lose trust in me wrote mean stuff about her on my blog ya I agree ok it's assine but I feel bad I regret what I did and want to fix things with her prove that I'm sorry that I regret what I've done that I want her to know I'd do anything for her even take a bullet for her you know if I had her back I'd treat her right I'd protect her make her feel safe in my arms I would never let her go ever I'd stick my neck out for her and show everyone how much I truly honestly love this girl I've never loved a girl so much. She's the one I want the 1 my heart beats for my heart belongs to her no other girl

2 crews merge on orignal gangsters

Yes that's write my crew Gods Reapers merged with another crew 2 make it bigger better and badder so hell ya we rule and crush the reds so they bleed......red!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 17

Welcome back yes I haven't done 1 of these in a while which I really don't care cause this is my blog thus I run it. Ok today was kinda good I gusse just boring and hard on me even tonight turned to shit ya I said it I just feel like I screwd up with her even tonight I feel bad for some post I put up here I was mad when I put them so thus I was wrong to put them up cause wait for it ( yes I'm an ass ) which I'm trying to fix that for my exex the 1 I truly and honestly love I'm sorry alright I feel bad for the way I've treated her and I want 2 fix that ok if u feel bad about something u can tell me in the comments if u want

Eyes filled with love

There's this kid I know he's got this girl he loves u want to know how I can tell? Well 1 he thinks about her everyday and every night 2 he talks about her and still has pics of them even though there not together 3 he feels sorry for the way he treated her when he had her he regrets what he did and wishes he could fix it but he can't 4 he loves her no matter what and is sorry 5 the thing that catches me the most his eyes are filled with love for her cause every time he sees her his eyes shine. I look up 2 that kid and hope he can fix things with her. I wish him the best

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not my night

Ok so erlier I felt sad like I feel lonely like my lifes crashing like I'm breaking I just feel like I need help any ideas leave it in the comments

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My badass name!

Here's my badass name
▸╏ժ͓Յ͟Ճ͢Ժ ͍Պ♳̫♷͠╏◃

Writing less?

Yes I know I don't write as much as I used to that's cause I'm busy so for now I'm Gina write less till I'm not busy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 16

Ok welcome yes I haven't done this alot now 1 cause my pills make me tired 2 cause I'm busy with stuff. Anyways today was good I got my crew up to tire 6 and were still going on gw my army is almost up to tire 9 hell ya! Ok I had a dream about my ex last night I did not like it I woke up sad hurt and scared cause I knew if I have more they will tear me apart. Qestion do u hate bad dreams?


Heck yes I can't wait for Halloween this year blackboxtv is Gona have a special for the urban legends it looks fucking awesome go check there channel out

Friday, October 14, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 15

Sorry guys I didn't post the last 2 nights cause I was busy with my crew Gods Reapers were fucking awesome lmao I have 215 followers on twitter today was good I got to hug my girlfriend :) ok qestion do u like hugs? I do sometimes

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 14

Welcome lmao ok so I joind my crew in palringo it's Hella fun in there we just chat u know ok I also have 166 followers on twitter and I'm gona get more ok I almost knocked some kid out cold today cause he knocked himself into me but I got to hug my girl :) which made my day but she's sick and didnt look to happy I hope she gets better ok qestion is there a person that makes ur day? Mine Is my girlfriend :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 13

Welcome are u guys happy yes I did bullshit blog update today lmao I have no clue when I'll do the next one ok guys I do have some ideas for new segments so we will see how it works um today was good I told my girlfriend I love her in person again :) guys she makes me so happy I wish I could just hold her in my arms and kiss her anyways qestion if u have a gf or bf do they make u happy? Tell me either way but mine makes me happy I'll say why later :)

Bullshit blog update # 9

Welcome to a new bullshit blog update lmao I know u guys have been waiting a long time for it so here it is yes my twitter has more followers then my blog on here I have 6 that I can see and on twitter 116 so far if ud like to follow me just search up Deadm15 um dinner was good today on the bus I said I'd dress in all black paint my finger nails black and say I'm the spawn of the devil lmao it'll be fun qestion would u do that? I would lmao


Lmao yes I have 90 followers on twitter thank u guys :)


The Nos I drank lmao there's u a pic u people who whine and say I need pics 1 thing ( don't tell me how to run my blog )

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 12

Welcome yes all u can see on my list is this well I've been busy so u might only see this for a few weeks but oh well it kinda recaps my day so today was good my girlfriend is ok :) I made a tumblr heck ya so if u want to follow me on there just look up my blog under Never afraid to die ok I'll probley have a new pic tomarow qestion any ideas on what I can talk about with my gf? If u have any pleas tell me in the comments thank u

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 11

Welcome yes guys I write less cause I have a life and stuff to do um people have been trying to start shit with me today's been boring my girl hasn't text me I miss her I hope tomarow she text me ok qestion would u date online? I wouldn't it's stupid

Friday, October 7, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 10

Welcome I'm watching supernatural season 1 while I write this it's good my favorite episode is about the scare crow lmao I'm tired today was good I finally told my girlfriend I love her in person :) qestion is there a person u truly love? Tell me in the comments

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 9

Welcome yes I did give my biggest shout out today which is so true cause blackboxtv is the best on YouTube everyone should subscribe to them and follow them on twitter like me they rule! Also so does blue October ok today was good not the morning but the rest was good :) tomarow I'm gona tell my gf I love her in person ok qestion do u guys think I should full on kiss her tomarow? Tell me in the comments

Biggest shout out ever!

This shout out is for blackboxtv they do horror there director is named Tony lmao his stuff scares me wich makes it the best out there keep up the great work Tony and blackboxtv u guys are the best!

Ask a qestion # 6

Welcome ask any qestion u want but just 1

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 8

Ok guys yes I know I don't write on here much anymore the reason why is cause I'm busy ok so I'm Gina try to give u guys 2 bullshit blog updates tomarow anyways today was good I saw my gf I still haven't told her I love her in person so I feel bad :( what do I do? Ok and the other day some kid was tired so I'm like I can wake u up by slapping u or knock u out cold and then you'll wake up not tired lmao he smiled anyways qestion what makes u laugh? Answer both questions in the comments

Any man in America

Guys blue Octobers having a tour for there new cd any man in America go to there websites and buy the tickets

My twitter

Here's my twitter u can follow me on there I'm Deadm15

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 7

Welcome ok if there's whiners out there thinking oh my god deadm15 why haven't u done an ask a qestion or bullshit blog update?! It's cause I'm lazy and or busy guys duh I have a life calm down ok I haven't told my gf I love her in person yet but I will tomarow ok qestion do u guys have any advice for me with my gf? And ps I'll try to do ask a qestion and bullshit blog update tomarow k guys

Monday, October 3, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 6

Welcome ok I didn't post today cause I've been busy yes I have a life other then my blog so I think tomarow I'll do an ask a qestion and bullshit blog update but we'll see today was way good even in the morning :) I love my girlfriend so much comment me telling me how your day went

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 5

Welcome lmao hmm I have done an ask a qestion or bullshit blog update in a long time so I think I might do both or one of those tomarow anyways today was good the only part that sucks is my phone is messed up so I can't text my girlfriend tonight and yes I made a twitter so if u want to know what it is tomarow I'll put up a post telling u guys qestion I'm thinking of starting up would u rather on my blog do u guys think I should? Tell me in the comments

The cat with hands

Lmao the cat with hands is a good video it's on YouTube go check it out it's kinda cool and funny not scary at all


Really did I just make a twitter after I've been dissing it so much because yes wtf is the point for twitter? I mean really and now I'm just on it for orignal gangsterz but I gusse I'll tweet sometimes to not a whole lot if u guys want to follow me let me know in the comments

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 4

Welcome alright so today was good but boring I'm tired but oh well I texted my girl alot and will be watching horror movies tomarow my favorite one would have to be the new Friday the 13th qestion what's your favorite horror movie? Tell me in the comments


Dexterboy I think that's his YouTube channel or dex anyways go check him out he's good :)