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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dark spot #2

I think I should make this segment the spot for when blackboxtv comments on my things maybe ok so again I'm listening 2 cold by crossfade why cause it calms me it's good u ppl should listen 2 it I'm excited I get 2 miss school tomarow and I think I might have some cereal so anyways today on twitter blackboxtv told me they liked me being a fan and thanked me for being a fan so it made me smile :) I even took a pic so yes thank u blackboxtv for that comment u guys are the best

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bullshit blog update #27

I'm just sitting here listening 2 crossfade and think so I had to do this I just put my new vid on YouTube titled bad end I broke glass with my slipper I cleaned it up and pleas check out my vids by typing in Deadm15 subscribe and pleas follow and keep reading this blog thank u

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bullshit blog update #26

Here's a poem my friend alyssa wrote pleas let her know what u think

Maritime by My Side

The beat of my heart matches that of the ocean
As dusk-light begins to rise within us
The stars show their burning agony
But refuse to cry out to me, as I cry to they
My tears form these seas, and tell a story
Of bravery and deceit among Mother Nature
The clouds overhead sing to me
A sweet lullaby of my sunken ship
The ripples in the water let me know
Some day, soon, the sea will captivate this life
The might of the deep openly parades
As I watch to regain its knowledge
My waters carry me into the bliss of sunset
To die alone, amid the sea
The sparkles in my eyes fade in with the stars
They, too, will burn in sweet, everlasting misery
Forever, with maritime by my side
In remembrance of my defeat and eternal dictation
I row my boat one last time
And whistle a solemn goodbye to the moon

Dream logs #2

Ok I haven't written on this in a long time cause I'm trying 2 get more ppl on it famous ppl yes I have 1 person that's Gona be in this segment her name is Katie gaviun I don't think that's how u spell it I forgot how it was Spelt so sorry Katie anyways when she sends me her dream I'll put it up on here anyway here's another 1 of mine

I've been having dreams that there's something evil in my house and that it wants me dead so I'm still afraid to sleep what do u guys think these dreams mean pleas let me know and if u read this comment on my link on fb

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bullshit blog update #25

Ok right now I'm sitting here listening 2 monster by skillet haha I put my girl 2 sleep I got her a braclet for vday it's cute :) so I happy that she's happy I'm also excited cause katie a pretty lady who works for the all awesome blackboxtv said yes when she gets the time she will email me a scary dream she's had for my new segment dream logs so hell ya I'm excited to have someone who is famous on here it excites me she's an awesome girl katie thank u so much for being my friend and joing this blog ur awesome so when she sends me the dream I'll put it up btw Katie ur purple hair is awesome :) and to my girl babe I love you always and forever :D <3

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dark spot

Ok so this is my new segment were I will talk about fears and see if I can't get insight on like ppl dark side and stuff so anyways last saterday blackboxtv was having a live event on ustream they went 2 a haunted hospital I got pics and even made a background out of a pic I got it's when Tony went in the thing that they would burn ppl in I'll put it up later anyways question if u had the chance to go somewhere that was haunted would u go? I'd go to have some fun I'd bring my girl with me 2 I love u babe :) <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bullshit blog update #24

Ok so I fell asleep last night but it was great Tony and the blackboxtv crew went in a haunted hospital that had it on YouTube and ustream yes it was laggy and froze but it was still fun I got some good pics u guys should come next time anyways go watch his stuff and check it out like them on fb and twitter

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bullshit blog update #23

So today's been good I'm Gona be watching blackboxtv live on YouTube around 8 so I'm excited for that so while I've been waiting I've been watching stuff on YouTube I just finished watching wreck nogly it's fun they shot a tv lmao anyways I'm Gona go watch more YouTube I'll have another bullshit blog update to let u guys know how the live event went and I might even add my new segment dark spot idk what's it's Gina be about I gusse we will see

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Does anyone give a shit

So what I'm thinking right now is I put a post up on fb telling my whole life and my famliy jumped down my throat for 1 thing they totally blew off all the other stuff like it wasn't a big deal like it didn't hurt me well it does I really wish I could forget that stuff I only trust my girl so I'll let her help but as for other ppl after what happened on fb I give up on turning to famliy I'll turn to my girl cause I know shell help and I'm not gona do anything cause I won't leave her now all I have 2 say is ppl pleas read through stuff and notice the other stuff 2 help the person instead of tearing them down actually fucking give a fuck for the person and help them cause if not ur just a god dam asshole! If anyone gets after me on fb for writing this guss what cry a river it's my blog and how I feel

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bullshit blog update #22

So today has been good I'm just tired and want to sleep I'm excited cause I don't have to go to school tomarow :) so I get to have lots of fun what should I do? Any video ideas for my YouTube? Would u like 2 be in any of my segments and I was watching zombie go boom on YouTube I got a cool pic it's cool let me know what u think and I love my girl she makes me happy :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bullshit blog update #21

Ok so this morning I'm really worried about my girl she hasn't text me back so I don't know if she's ok or not :( I don't want her 2 be hurt I hope she's ok anyways so the other night on ustream Tony was playing music and partying again so I had 2 join it was fun I even have pics from it I hope u guys enjoy and if u want 2 be in any of my segments u can email me at deadm15@hotmail.com and let me know what segment u want 2 be in

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Ok so I'm Gona tell my life so when I was young my mom cut and had to go to a place to help her I blocked this out of my head cause it was hard for me I mean I didn't even know her till she came back I had to live at my gramparents I'm scared of water I almost drowned when I was little and kids would hold my head under water I can't look at myself in mirrors cause I feel like I should tear my heart out and die I feel like I'm evil I feel like I don't know who I am my grampa told me I'm mean and heartless so now I can't even look myself in the mirror my ex made it to were I sit alone at lunch so I black out and go In my own little world she's also telling lies about my famliy and trying 2 make ppl hate us were not bad were nice ppl call me demented maybe that's cause of what's went on in my life I used to play a game called original gangsters till ppl turned on me they said that I said I didn't belive in god when what I said was I belive in him I just haven't seen him in my life so these ppl threatened to beat me into there gang then they threatened to bash my skull in if I didnt start believing in god well gusse what I do I know other ppl have problems last night I blew up at one of them and they gave my phone number out so I told all of them 2 go die which one said she would I said sorry I was just mad should I have said sorry? Cause there still keeping it up they had ppl call and text me and messages telling me to die or that there Gona kill me the person that called me said u like cum in ur face I hear u like 2 get mad I hear u like dicks in ur mouth and ass lik it up suck it up I'm Gona kill u that's not right cause I'm not gay I have a girl who I love and always will I'd do anything for her I'd do anything to protect her and keep her safe. So really should I tell these ppl sorry or should I fight back? Anyways yes my life us hard but I'm not Gona die cause there is hope I know that life can get better so all u ppl and teens with depression life can get better don't give up cause if u chose to die ur weak and make the ppl happy that want u to die so stay strong and fight and babe I love you and will never leave u I'm ur gardiun angle I'll keep u safe always and forever <3