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Monday, September 25, 2017

Review: The Unbelievable Gwenpool #11

This issue opens up with Gwenpool saving a spoiled rich brat from dying in a plane crash. Oh come on I'm sure he could've survived without her help like most rich white dudes do in comics. Heck I'm sure they could've made a new comic series out of it to. Later on we see Gwenpool find a job to kill a vampire. Um Ronnie if you think she has a death wish then Ya she does which means it's her cry for help and that you should definitely help her before she does something stupid and ends her series. That train conversation was funny :). We see Gwenpool go to a town called Doodkill. What kind of name is Doodkill? Anyways the mayor of the town tells Gwenpool only to kill the vampire and nothing else. Gwenpool he just admitted that there's more monsters so you probably can't trust this guy. See look at all those dead people going into his place. Next we see Gwenpool learn the truth about all the dead people. Why'd he have to bring them back does he not like live peo- oh um... Never mind. Oh look it's Blade... Wait does that mean there's gonna be a movie where Gwenpool and Blade actually team up to kill vampires? I'd pay to see that. Like no joke. To see what happens next go buy and read this issue. Anyways this issue ends with Gwenpool finding out the mayors dirty secret. No not that one. The one where he takes peoples lives to keep all the dead people up and walking. Artwork was pretty good. As for the story sad cause she's sad but also. Funny and good so I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Hope she's happy in the next issue.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Review: Edge Of Venomverse #1

This issue opens up with Laura eating fries while going down on an elevator. No this isn't the Laura from earth-616 at least I think she's not since she just bonded with a symbiote and became the venom of her world. Next we see a bunch of homeless kids in an abandoned building where they come face to face with Laura. Note to self avoid abandoned buildings unless you want to meet dangerous people. Anyways Laura lets the kids leave but then they run into some guy name Zebra... Why is his name Zebra? That's the least threatening name for a threatening guy. See Laura didn't find his name threatening cause she just took him and his partner out. Also was she following them so she could eat them all one by one later? Cause if she was following them I highly doubt it was to protect them till they got attacked. Also they say seeing other people gets hurt makes them sick yet they were wanting to eat them earlier wich would have hurt and killed them so what the fuck? We see that she joins them and helps them steal ice cream with Spider-Man on the box. I take it the Peter Parker of this earth got bit by the spider and thought instead of fighting crime I'll just make ice cream that looks like a spiders web and make billions off it. Later on we see the kids attacked by guards who are trying to capture Laura. I'd say how'd all these kids not commitea crime since they had some of the symbiote on them but they did just steal ice cream that the Spider-Man of their earth made so ya. This issue ends with Laura getting pulled somewhere and meeting a venomized Captain America. Artwork was not that good as for the story it was weird but good so I give this issue a 6 out of 10. I'm fine with Captain America being venomized cause that means he's not hydra wich means the venomized Captain America is way better than Captain Hydra.