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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Lmao ok this is my recap I'm just gona go over my blog and what it is about when I first started it I intended it to only be for my army on gw and my crew on og but then they didn't check it out or treat my with respect so I decided screw it I'll do kind of like Shane Dawson does and make it for everyone and I'll put my thoughts up on stuff and make segments for ppl to enjoy well I have and I think some have hit a really good start like bullshit blog update that is the first one I made and came to my mind easily so it's my favorite 2 and now I'm trying to get more followers so I can get paid and so more ppl will view this blog I'd like to know from u guys what is ur favorite segment what segment should I take out and if u have ideas for a new segment let me know on fb I'll have new stuff on here in 2012 as for now I won't update it till sometime in 2012 so happy new year to u all I hope uve liked my blog :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sketch # 2

Alright this is the last sketch for 2011 lmao been watching Arby n the chief it's the best I'll give it a 10/10 and a dream I had once I dreamt that I died heck ya that's scary lmao oh well

Bullshit blog update # 17

Welcome to bullshit blog update yes this is the last 1 for 2011 I'm so excited to go on making it in 2012 lmao I'm hopping I can add on 2 it cause I want to make this segment the best today's been good I got to hang with my girl and we took pics :) so one thing that made my day is
1: hanging out with my beautiful girl I love you babe :D <3
The next sketch award goes to Digitalph33r he makes Arby n the chief I love that show go check it out and go check out the guys blog at www.digitalph33r.blogspot.com its good :) see u next year on my new bullshit blog update

Tags in life # 8

Lmao this is the last tags in life for 2011 there will be a new one in 2012 when I dicide to make it anyways yesterday and today I've been watching Arby n the chief I put one of there videos up on Facebook there funny lmao I'm now watching season 3 and season 5 u should watch them 2 so the tag is
#watching Arby n the chief = good laughs :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bullshit blog update # 16

Haha ok today's been good I now have a headache cause I've been watching abry n the chief lmao that stuff is funny go watch it also go watch my newest YouTube video Boom! It's funny and random haha one thing that made my day would be
1: texting my girl I love you babe :D <3 and watching abry n the chief
The second sketch award goes to Dairk Manning he's a comic book writer his stuff is good go be his friend on Facebook only 1 more sketch award will be given away maybe 2 if ud like to get a sketch award email me at deadm15@hotmail.com and tell me why u should get a sketch award :)

Announcement time!

Ok lmao I wanted to do this before the year ends I'm gona stop some where before 2012 but before I do here's a list of what I have planed
1: 2 more bullshit blog updates before 2012
2: 1 more tags in life before 2012
3: maybe 1 more sketch before 2012
4: my recap of my blog lmao I'm sure I can get all that done before 2012 oh and I want to make this blog more fun for u guys so what segments should I keep what should I not keep and if u have any ideas for new segments let me know on my Facebook heres the list of all my segments
1: bullshit blog update
2: sketch
3: tags in life
4: ask a question
5: facts about Deadm15
6: promoting stuff for u
7: cool pics
8: awesome pics
9: Deadm15s late night blog updates I'll try to start that up every night again also what videos would u like me 2 do on my YouTube I might put the sketch awards on there we will see but ya let me know what ud like on here :)

Tags in life # 7

Haha got up erlie this morning went to the docters me and my mom went to sams club and got these great tasting drinks I forgot what there called but the grape kind fizzes in ur mouth :) I still have mine haha and took a pic of it so the tag is
#texting my girl and drinking my drink = a great time :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bullshit blog update # 15

Ok welcome haha I usually never do intros on my segment oh well ok so today was good I got to spend the day with my girl :) and Tony the creator of blackboxtv messaged me on Facebook so it's been a good day but one thing that made my day is
1: hanging out with my beautiful girl I love you babe and always will :D <3
Ok and the last thing I wanted to do is the sketch awards this will be a 1 year thing so every year some ppl who I think deserve the sketch awards will get them so the first sketch award goes to Tony the creator of blackboxtv he has the best YouTube channel out there for horror don't forget to like BBTV on fb oh and the sketch awards will only be on this segment no other

Monday, December 26, 2011


This is my newest segment haha since 2012 is coming around I will be putting some new post up later yes ok anyways in this segment I will talk about movies,tv shows, movies and video games I will rate them and at the end of the segment I'll put a nightmare I had that I've had or had the night before ok so Friday the 13th part 8 I give it 7 in a half stars since it made me laugh go watch it haha it's so old you'll laugh ok one nightmare I had days ago is
1: I had a dream the devil came to me he showed me the true side of my soul said it was dark and showed me and him killing ppl now that's scary huh but no I don't think I'm evil I won't kill ppl so that dream is wrong lmao

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tags in life # 6

Ok haha yes today is Christmas but I had to do this tag I was watching Friday the 13th part 8 yes I have all up to the 8th now anyways I was watching it and texting my girl so I was happy :D so the tag is
#watching Friday the 13th and texting my beautiful girl = me laughing and smiling

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bullshit blog update # 14

Haha first of all I'd like to say merry Christmas to everyone I hope u all have a good one tomarow I know I will tomorrow cause I'll be texting my girl hehe :) today's been good yesterday was great cause me and my girl gave eachother our presents if u want to know what she got me go watch my newest YouTube video called merry Christmas I think it's the best one I've done so far ok on to one thing that made my day which is
1: texting my beautiful girl and thinking about last night I love you babe :D <3

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tags in life # 5

Haha I'm at the doctors just waiting for my mom to get out anyways today's been good me and my brother walked to the gasation and got skitles the guy at the counter was like are u gona taste the rainbow? Lmao that just made me laugh so the tag is
#skittles = good taste and a good laugh

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tags in life # 4 this ones for my girl

Yes this tag In life is special cause it's for my girl tehe :) I'm just siting here thinking of her texting her and listening to our song so my very special tag is
#I have the greatest girl in the world I love her with all my heart she always makes me happy everyday I love you babe :D <3

Bullshit blog update # 13

Again I'm gona post this to Facebook so if u don't like the title of this segment oh well it was my first segment so I'm keeping it the way it is alright so today's been good cause I got a candy bar in 2nd period and I've been talking 2 my beautiful girl :) and right now I'm writing this listening to the end by blue October and I've just relized this song is kinda dark oh well Justin said in his video that the cd couldn't end well but it's a good song so I'm gona kinda quote it here ( I coked the pistol pold the trigger all I saw was red I gently stroked her arm then I put the barrel in my mouth and all I saw was black! ) ya it's dark haha but yet good ok something that made my day
1: texting my beautiful girl :D

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Things I rember doing on Christmas

This just came to mind I was siting here thinking of what my famliy used to do before and on Christmas I rember setting up our tree puting all the lights on and ornaments on Christmas I rember my parents would get the video camra out and recored us opening presents then we'd go viset the rest of our famliy now a days we don't set up a tree or recored us opening presents but I gusse thats what happens when u get older

Friday, December 16, 2011

Get any man in america

Haha I havent done my job in days lmao cause I've been lazy oh well just wanted to say blue October is awesome and u should get there new cd any man in America :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tags in life # 3

Haha listening to calling u by blue October and texting my beautiful girl love you babe <3 :-* anyways so I'm doing both things while I write this blog and I just was listening to the song and it reminded me of the days I think it was 3 maybe 1 anyways we spent it at my friends house and played halo and did other stuff but whenever I listen to calling u it reminds me of those 3 days the fun I had and playing halo listening to that song haha my friend and my brother playing Tony hawk American wasteland and waking up to hear them talk about there holy ground and see it so the tag is
#3 days at my friends house = good times :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bullshit blog update # 12

Lmao I was trying to think of something to write in my blog but nothing came to mind so I decided I'd do this segment just to let my mind flow. So today's been good cause I've been talking to my beautiful girl :) and I think now I have an idea in my head if I can get what's in my head down on my next post it'll be about my girl. I'm listening to music while I'm writeing this the song is called help is on the way by rise against I like some of there songs do u like there songs let me know if u do. Ok something that made my day would be
1: just talking to my beautiful girl :) :D

Friday, December 9, 2011

Blacboxtv replys to my comment on Facebook

Lmao that is a long title but ya Tony replied to a post I put on blackboxtvs wall haha it made my day here's the pic :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tags in life # 2

Haha ok I got these worms days ago but they were good and I liked them so here's the tag

#sour gummy worms=good tasting happiness lmao

Monday, December 5, 2011

Continue the story # 1

Ok this is a game I made up basicly I'll start off the story with only ( one sentece ) then anyone can continue it with whatever they want but only I repeat ( one sentence )

One dark and stormy night I heard a noise.

Tags in life # 1

Haha this is the first of my new segment tags in life so here's what happend me and my friend went and got drinks they were so good and he told me I was hyper haha fun day oh and I've been texting my beautiful girl I love her :D <3

#soda = hyperness

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bullshit blog update #11

Haha I haven't done one of theses in a long time I'm gona post this to Facebook so if u dont like the title of this segment oh well it's mine and I made it my first segment ok so today's been good I'm just a lazy butt haha just watched some funny stuff on YouTube and I want to try to make this segment funner so I'll list 1 thing that made my day
1: my girl talking to me I'll always love her :) <3
and I'm thinking of puting a new segment in here called continue the story I'll post one on fb and ppl can help I hope it's fun write a comment let me know if I should make that a segment