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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dark spot #7

Blackboxtv will be live till April Friday the 13th when they'll have new episodes I'm excited there's just 2 weeks left I just watched there live event and got some good pics so enjoy

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dark spot #6

So saterday blackboxtv had a live event the place they went 2 had really bad wifi so it kept lagging and would go off air until Tony decided 2 carry the laptop with them which worked pretty good I didn't get very man cool pics I got 1 of Tony 1 of Tony and Katie 1 of Katie and I think that's all lmao and the place didn't seem 2 haunted like the last place they went 2 but it was still fun Tony answered 1 of my questions which was good :) so anyway enjoy the pics

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark spot #5

Ok so tomarow around 7 blackboxtv will be having another live event on ustream I forgot what place there going 2 but I took a screen shot with my iPod so u guys can see where there going if ud like 2 join us the download the ustream app and add blackboxtv 2 ur favorites I'll be taking pics during the event it should be fun :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bullshit blog update #31

When I was little I almost drowned in a pool I've never been a good swimmer I don't like going into water that's deep cause I'm scared I'll drown and now I've noticed that when I take showers and stick my head under the water I tend 2 freak out a little how do I fix that? Also I rearly drink water I've just recently kicked myself in the ass and told myself I was going 2 try and drink it everyday and that if I didn't I'd force it down my throat could me almost drowning cause me 2 go weeks even months without drinking water? Let me know cause I'd like 2 know

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dream logs #3

Ok so my brains telling me to write this lately I haven't slept well I toss and turn every night cause of my nightmares I keep having nightmares that ppl want me dead or something in this house wants me dead I've woke up 1 almost got choked to death I could feel hands around my neck now it's just been waking up before it could happen but I haven't slept good in a long time cause of the nightmares and all my doctor does is just keeps giving me sleeping pills and I don't think that's Gona help I think some how I need 2 get my dreams 2 end cause I'm scared 2 sleep

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dark spot #4

I'm so excited for April Friday the 13th 2 come around cause that's when the new blackboxtv will be out there the best ever there new stuff look likes it'll be good :) I mean ud have 2 be crazy not 2 like them and be excited for this

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dark spot #3

Ok so yes I'm excite blackboxtv commented on 1 of my vids I even took pics for proof :) there the best I can't wait till April friday the 13th for new episodes 2 come out my favorite episode by them is called leave me alone I just like it cause the dead boyfriend gets revenge on the girl who killed him lmao just goes 2 show that u shouldn't kill ur bf or gf blackboxtv is the best :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bullshit blog update #30

Ok so right now I'm upset and pissed why u ask well let's see this morning my famliy went 2 eat and couldnt even invite me shows me how much they care for me like none at all they hurt me and don't have my trust cause right now I could care less about them after that stupid ass move 2 me then I won't do shit for them yep I said it I'm pissed and hurt for all I care they can do stuff on there own cause they don't seem 2 give a shit for me aperntly I don't deserve 2 eat so I might starve myself do I deserve 2 eat? And I just hope they see that I'm hurt cause of what they did for what they did I will never trust them again the only 1 I trust is my girl I love you babe <3

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bullshit blog update #29

Ok so today right now I'm pissed after what happened on twitter I'm so sick of guys putting up pics of there duck and girls putting up pics of there breast or big fat ass it's like wear some fucking cloths don't show that if u want to show that go on a porn site and put that shit up so maybe someone will fuck u I mean really? Why? I even asked a chick 2 change her pic and she called me a mistake and a screw up and told me 2 die so ya right now my heart feels like it wants 2 jump out of my chest and I hate that feeling so now I'm just thinking of my girl I'll write about her later if I get time and I have 347 followers on twitter if u want 2 follow me u can follow @Deadm15 and babe I'm sorry u don't have ur phone or iPod but I want u 2 know that I love u and always will <3

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bullshit blog update #28

Ok so I did a #Facebook tag on Katie gauvin one of the ppl that works for blackboxtv and she liked it :) lmao so I took a pic and yes right now I'm texting ppl thinking of ideas 2 put on YouTube and my blog I've done 3 for my girl I think cause she's always stuck on my mind I love you babe always and forever :-* <3