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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Society screwed up

Alright so this hits me every day how alot of ppl in the world think 1: half the girls think hey I've got to show some breast and open my legs for business just to get a guy to like them. No they won't fucking like u and treat u right they'll treat u like a fucking object it's like why? Do they not respect themselves and the guys who use girls are so fucking low cause girls arent fucking objects holy hell stick ur dick in an outlet smartass if the guys would grow up and stop using girls there'd be less hurt in this world but of course it won't happen any time soon 2: just cause someone has depression or some other problem say has ppl in there head or someone ppl think oh I have to hate this person and tell them to go kill themselves or that they have to beat the shit out of the person. No that's not the case treat them like a human if there nice and don't hurt but the world hurts them then society is so screwed up 3: ppl who go to church and brag about how there so perfect and gona go to heaven shut up has god come down and say ur famliy is going to heaven brag about no he hasn't so for all u know ur ass could burn in hell also god said not work on Sundays ok so don't cause if u do ur not living the word fully I don't think anyone does though it's ppl like that why I don't feel comfortable going to church yes I belive in it but if I don't want to go to church good let me live how I want I'm old enough. 4: and ppl who cheat and lie about it after they do it's like ok even though u weren't talking don't give u a green light there is never a green light to cheat ever! And plus if u said oh I'm busy I'm busy don't text me if I don't text but that was all a lie cause u go out for a month while Datting the person just cause hey they stuck there hand down ur pants or had u spread ur legs then ur stupid. See why I think society is screwed up if u don't like the language in this cry a river or don't read it either that or shove it

Friday, May 25, 2012

Review of BlackBoxTV new season so far

Alright so this is a review for BBTV new season the first episode pretty much starts off with a bang it is really good 2nd episode not the best they could have done better 3rd is probley my 2nd favorite from this season I like how it ended and I can't wait for there 6 episodes to come I hope there good
Episode #1 the perfect night
Episode #2 the last encounter
Episode #3 forgot

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bullshit blog update #33

Hmm what to write no Dam clue ok so me and my dad were in the famliy room all of the sudden we hear this loud pop like something heating metal me: what the...Fuck dad: that was strange lmao. Chevell is my new favorite band I even changed my iPod background to there thing it's cool what's your favorite band?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't let others control you

When you let someone else call the shots and tell you how to think and what to do then your giving them complete control of your life it's so not worth it think what you want and do what you want don't let others control you

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Katie Gauvin

Yes I'm proud to say that this beautiful girl is my friend she's an awesome girl she's also funny and nice I've been going through some hard times but wednesday night she talked to me and got me laughing and smiling for 1 whole not I didn't cry she was actually able to cheer me up and I'm thankful to have her as my friend cause now I feel closer to her as a friend and that makes me happy cause I love having her as a friend thank you Katie Gauvin for being my friend it means the world to me :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When someone loves you

When someone loves you they'll treat u right they'll give u everything u want when ur sad and need them they'll drop what there doing and put ur feelings first and be there when ur crying they'll hold u and not let go they'll love u through thick and thin that means even if u make a mistake they won't just up and leave u they'll stay by ur side and love u no matter what they won't ever leave u if u have someone like this then don't drop them or else ur gona lose someone who could be the best person for u and then in the future u might regret it cause clearly if they love u that much that means ur everything to u and that they'd never use u or want to hurt u sure even if they did it wouldn't be on purpose and they'd feel bad and nit do it again so if u ever find someone like this keep them and never let them go no matter what even if they make a mistake or times get tough cause they'll still be there for u in the end

Monday, May 7, 2012

Facts about me

1: I have depression
2: I'm suicidal at this point in time
3: I'm not afraid of the dark
4: I'd rather be short then tall
5: I like to write on this blog
6: my favorite color is blue or black
7: sometimes I wear all black I guess it depends on the mood I'm in
8: I believe in demons and ghost
9: I don't believe in aliens
10: stormy or rainy days are my favorite they tend to make me happy idk why though
11: I like to hang with ppl but never get out of my house
12: I like my hair to be medium length not to short or really long
13: I like to read when I can
14: I listen to music when I write on my blog or edit pictures
15: I've had nightmares for the last few nights and had them every night I got pills to help but last night they didn't cause it wasn't the best day for me
16: I hate being mean to ppl especially to the ones I love
17: I trust myself cause I've had ppl stomp on me when I needed them and trusted them
18: when I'm not ok and someone says are u fine and I say yes don't keep asking or ull piss me off
19: I have breathing problems
20: when I was younger I had seguriz however the heck u spell it I guess I got lucky to live even though right now I doubt I should have lived
21: when I'm lonely like I am now I go deep in my mind and won't come out for anyone unless I feel they won't hurt me
22: I will keep my feelings to myself cause why tell anyone if they won't help
23: I still love my ex even though she dumped me and it's causing me pain and I feel like I'm just done and don't want to fight anymore so I won't accept any help cause I'm stubborn
24: I'd rather have someone to trust and talk to so I don't feel lonely when I do and ppl to help but I guess I'll stick with myself at this point

Giving up

I wanted to write this cause this might be the last time I write in here things have happened that have just finish me I have no hope I feel alone and like I can't fight to live anymore I saw the doctors last night cause I'm thinking of just ending it it'd be better off for me is what I think so I have to stay home fir 3 days but I'd rather not be here I'd rather be at the hospital cause I don't trust anyone her I'm not gona eat and I probley won't get any sleep cause right now I'm out of it but oh well it's the hand I get dealt and for what I didn't mean to do what I did but oh well I guess I deserve it I just won't trust no one anymore cause I give up