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Monday, May 7, 2012

Facts about me

1: I have depression
2: I'm suicidal at this point in time
3: I'm not afraid of the dark
4: I'd rather be short then tall
5: I like to write on this blog
6: my favorite color is blue or black
7: sometimes I wear all black I guess it depends on the mood I'm in
8: I believe in demons and ghost
9: I don't believe in aliens
10: stormy or rainy days are my favorite they tend to make me happy idk why though
11: I like to hang with ppl but never get out of my house
12: I like my hair to be medium length not to short or really long
13: I like to read when I can
14: I listen to music when I write on my blog or edit pictures
15: I've had nightmares for the last few nights and had them every night I got pills to help but last night they didn't cause it wasn't the best day for me
16: I hate being mean to ppl especially to the ones I love
17: I trust myself cause I've had ppl stomp on me when I needed them and trusted them
18: when I'm not ok and someone says are u fine and I say yes don't keep asking or ull piss me off
19: I have breathing problems
20: when I was younger I had seguriz however the heck u spell it I guess I got lucky to live even though right now I doubt I should have lived
21: when I'm lonely like I am now I go deep in my mind and won't come out for anyone unless I feel they won't hurt me
22: I will keep my feelings to myself cause why tell anyone if they won't help
23: I still love my ex even though she dumped me and it's causing me pain and I feel like I'm just done and don't want to fight anymore so I won't accept any help cause I'm stubborn
24: I'd rather have someone to trust and talk to so I don't feel lonely when I do and ppl to help but I guess I'll stick with myself at this point

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