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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When someone loves you

When someone loves you they'll treat u right they'll give u everything u want when ur sad and need them they'll drop what there doing and put ur feelings first and be there when ur crying they'll hold u and not let go they'll love u through thick and thin that means even if u make a mistake they won't just up and leave u they'll stay by ur side and love u no matter what they won't ever leave u if u have someone like this then don't drop them or else ur gona lose someone who could be the best person for u and then in the future u might regret it cause clearly if they love u that much that means ur everything to u and that they'd never use u or want to hurt u sure even if they did it wouldn't be on purpose and they'd feel bad and nit do it again so if u ever find someone like this keep them and never let them go no matter what even if they make a mistake or times get tough cause they'll still be there for u in the end

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