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Friday, September 30, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 3

Hello welcome to this segment yes I'm Gona try to do this every night but we'll see how it works anyways today was good except for lunch for a bit I was mad and just wanted to yell at my ex and her dumb friends cause there all stupid there all wrecking there lives but oh well if they don't care nither should I anyways when my girlfriend came and got me then I was happy and again I'm listening to the raido while writing this so qestion is there someone and or an ex u hate and want to yell at? Mine is yes my ex lmao

Rise against

Rise against is also another good band I'm listening to them right now go check out there songs on YouTube

Into the ocean

Into the ocean by blue October is a good song go check it out now!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 2

Welcome so again I'm tired I'm listening to my music while I listen to this yes I was sad erlier but now I'm not cause I didn't let it get me down I talked to my girlfriend and smiled I love her so much :) anyways today was pretty good the only thing that sucked is I only got 2 hours of sleep so I just slept till 6:30 after school ok qestion what cool apps do u guys have on your iPod or iPhone? Tell me in the comments


When u feel like u want to cry don't hide it hide that your sad put hate in your eyes that way the person that hurt u won't be able to hurt u even more cause crying weakens people and hate makes them seem strong that way u can make the person who hurt u pay for what they did and they can't hurt u that's how I feel right now


There's some cool channels on YouTube but I won't name them all here yes I have my own channel but no videos yet maybe I'll put some up later and yes it's under the same name but for now here's a shout out to askcharlie lmao it's funny check it out now!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deadm15s late night blog updates # 1

Welcome to my new segment lmao I won't say the title cause it's to long anyways I wanted to do this cause I need more segments in my blog and with these kind I can just do my own random kinda shit anyways so I'm like tired right now I've been laughing tonight so that's good and I'm still with my girl so I'm happy hopefully I can keep her happy and smiling um anyways no qestion tonight just tell me if u like this segment or not in the comments


What's the whole point of twitter like it sounds like it's just a place for people who are bored to sit there and tell u what there doing like I'm just siting,or I just took a crap,or I just made tacos it's like really I'm sure some people out there in this world don't want to read your life story I wouldn't I'd either ignore the person or tell them to shut the heck up anyways I've been thinking about making a twitter so u guys can follow me on there but idk is it worth it? What do u guys think should I make one so u guys can follow me on there? Tell me in the comments


People have limits k no matter what u say it's true even I have limits like my friend in his relationship I saw that his girlfriend cheated on him he took her back and then she was pushing him to have a baby with her which he was not ready for or just didn't want kids then before they broke up she pushed him to buy her an engagement ring he wasn't ready for that either so he did something stupid which was cheating on her cause he had been pushed to his limit. Now me with my ex I lost trust in her and kinda screwed it up but she pushed me to my limit and did it again she sits there and says i'm immature yet her and her friend make fun of me and my girlfriend I ignore it but I think there immature so she's pissing me off also cause she had her and her other friends single me out so ya I've been pushed to my limit and am pissed

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fact about Deadm15 # 1

This is my new segment were u all will learn one fact about me that way u can kinda get to know me so fact # 1 I am 6 feet tall lmao there u go now leave me one fact about u in the comments

Bullshit blog update # 8

Welcome to bullshit blog update lmao I haven't done one of these in a long time anyways like I said school and life is good I got a new girlfriend so I'm happy :) if u guys have any ideas for new segments I should put on my blog pleas leave it in the comments and I'll see what I can do alright guys qestion what's your favorite tv show? Tell me in the comments

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cool pics # 1

This is a cool pic I found


I hate spamers are they good no all they do is spam u like this hi,hi,hi,hi,hi,hi they do it over and over till either your email is messed up or your phone like mine that's why I always have to get it fixed is cause people don't know how to stop spamming me so if u know my phone number and read my blog pleas never text my phone again I'm geting sick of it and would like to only text my girlfriend thank u and good bye


Supernatural is my favorite show except I haven't been able to see any of the new episodes cause my cw app doesnt have them yet when it does then I can see them anyways go check it out on the cw 30 it's good

Hate me

Hate me by blue October it's a really good song go check it out now!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Death he wears a black rope black as can be,he has no skin he's nothing but bone,he has no eyes he wears a mask a black one that looks like a skull it's metal and blood drips from it red dark blood thick,death is coming to get u so watch your back

The chills

The chills by blue October is a good song go check it out now!

Ask a qestion # 5

Welcome to ask a qestion go ahead ask me any qestion u want

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New pic

This is another skull pic that I like

True friends

True friends stick with u no matter what,they are there when u need them by your side,they never give up on u,they always tell u to try new things,they tell u you can do anything that your the best,they'll never leave u,they'll stick up for u,hug u when u need a hug. I thought I had one of these friends last night and turns out I didn't they left me and are gona start stuff with me well I say bring it but it's bullshit and fuck them cause they can fuck off!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ask a qestion # 4

Lmao welcome to another ask a qestion go ahead ask me whatever u want :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


You know what I think love is it's when u care for someone and won't leave them and if u did stuff that would hurt u and be bad like drugs you'd quit for the one u love not keep doing it cause it makes u happier then the person u with if that person makes u happy then stop that stuff if they ask don't chose other stuff over them y should chose them after famliy though and never,cheat on them,make them cry or hit them u should,love and care for them,be there when they need u,make them laugh and smile most of all trust and show your love for them

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bullshit blog update # 7

Tomarow I won't be at school for lunch cause I have to see the doctors and today was kinda good I gusse just wish I could have another butter finger and a monster lmao oh sorry I forgot to say welcome to bullshit blog update but oh well what do u want to drink and eat right now? Tell me in the comments

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dyed hair

Yes I dyed my hair blue/black :) it looks good

Butter finger # 2

Lmao I finally got my butter finger there so good get them

Butter finger

Lmao I'm in the mood for a butter finger and monster right now butter fingers my favorite candy bar what's yours? Tell me in the comments

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who is Deadm15?

Hmm Deadm15 is me is it my real name um no duh it's my nick name. Will u tell us your real name on here? No I will not sorry I do not want people knowing my real name so just deal with my cool nick name Deadm15 what are u like Deadm15 um I don't answer that in this when a ask a qestion segment comes up then ask what u want Thank u that's all


I still have a heart,I still care for people,I am still nice to people and can be a good friend I still have feelings for my ex and love her and will always be there for her if she needs me and I'd do anything to get back with her and will still be her friend no matter what now it's your turn if u still have a heart do what I did in the comments if u have a heart?

94.9 zrock

This is the best station out there lmao listen to it

Need a monster

Lmao I need a monster I think I'm Gina start drinking those things again

Ask a qestion # 3

Lmao hello today you get to ask me a qestion that I'll answer so go ahead ask now

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I hate this I sit there and had a bad day the other day was mean to a good friend wich I feel very bad for and I've said sorry but they won't forgive me what do I do? I feel really bad and mean my sorry

Bullshit blog update # 6

Welcome to bullshit blog update lmao I think I'm Gona do a second on today anyways as u can see I made any army and am happy about it lmao um today's been boring like heck all I've done is stayed home and played og and gw qestion what did u guys do today tell me in the comments


Lmao heck yes I finally made my own army on global war called Death15 and I already have 3 members :) and here's a pic of it


Monster energy drinks rock there awsome get one or 2 now and drink them lmao :)

Boring day

Lmao this day seems boring what should I do leave me a comment telling me what I should do

Friday, September 16, 2011

Crews on orignal gangster

Lmao I left my old crew cod for a better one that gives alot of gifts :)

Favorite song

Ok guys u all know my favorite band is blue October well I'm Gona tell u what my favorite song is by them it is say it it's helped me through tough times and still has like right now get the album approaching normal it's way good :) and qestion what's your favorite song by what band


Do I really need pics on this thing to make it easy for u guys to read um I think not that's bull u should be able to read this blog just fine without ( pics ) but for the baby's out there who tell me to put up a pic I will so you'll keep reading but for people in the futer pleas do not tell me how to run my blog it is my blog not your guys thank u

Bad day

Idk today's just been a bad day it seems like none of my friends ever want to hang with me

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bullshit blog update # 5

Welcome to bullshit blog update pleas sit back and listen to my bullshit lmao anyways idk I kinda wanted to do a bullshit blog update before tomarow wich I might do one tomarow I might not and if I don't u have to deal with it cause this is my segment and I do what I want with it ok anyways kinda been a bad week can't wait till the weekend I hope it's better lmao ok lmao this is the longest bullshit blog update so far um qestion do u like doctors? Tell me in the comments

I hate doctors

Here's why I hate doctors 1 the shot in the butt when I was little 2 when I broke my arm and had to be in there for a long time 3 when they give me a certain medicine and I throw it up and the last one I hate the most when they put me to sleep

First pic

Lmao someone said a pic would give my blog more color so here it is :)


Thank u to the 4 people that are following it makes me happy :) tell your friends about my blog and tell them how to follow for u people who don't know I'll tell u right now go to followers click on it hit follow publicy then your done :) I probley spelled the last word wrong lmao

Pizza for dinner

Lmao had pizza for dinner I love pizza my favorites peperoine what's yours? Tell me in the comments also tell me if u like pizza or not

Missing school

Lmao I had to stay home from school cause I'm sick and my brother missed today to cause he couldn't get his lazy butt out of bed lmao but yet he blames it on me people out there it's your own job to get yourself up not anyone else's if u agree leave me a comment lmao :)

Blogger app

Lmao got myself a blogger app but I don't know if I like it or not

Blue October

Join blue octobers street team on fancorps here's my link http://fcrps.me/9p thank u


This is bullshit I'm pissed people leave me as friends it's like u know what u promised you'd be my friend that you'd never leave me and then what happens u leave the person now if u ask me I'll I have to say is that's mean and wrong so people out there when u promise to stay as someone's friend keep your promise don't break it and hurt the person

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My logo

Lmao just wanted to tell u about my logo if your wondering what it is it's always at the top of my blog yes ( never afraid to die )I like it it fits me if u don't like it oh well I'm keeping it cause I like it but if u like it leave it in my comments thank u

Blue Octobers new album heck ya!

Have u heard of blue Octobers new album what's that u haven well u should go check out there site it'll tell u about it all there other albums have been good so far so I bet and know this one will be to cause it looks awsome these guys rock so check them out and listen to there music :)


I'm happy I get to now promote stuff for the greatest band out there blue October I will be puting links up later for there stuff anyways go to there site and if u have the money pleas buy there tickets thank u :) blue Octobers awsome

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bullshitblog update # 4

Welcome to bullshit blog update lmao so today was kind of a good day and kinda not but anyways watched some yo mama jokes on YouTube there funny also I have 50 store credits now in my fancorps so I can buy stuff if I want to anyways what band do you like? Comment telling me and mine is blue October that's who I support on fancorps :)

Bad day

Ok so I had a bad day yesterday it wasn't good all I have to say is try not to have bad days be happy and smile lmao :) and I think I'm Gina do a bullshit blog update today he'll ya!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ask a qestion # 2

Ask me any random qestion lmao

Random blog

Ok for the people who don't know what this blog is about basically it's just random bullshit I put up lmao so follow or don't follow your choice

Home sick lmao

Lmao as the title says I'm home sick so I'm not at school sucks I gusse lmao :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 followers so far :)

Lmao I already have to followers that makes me happy :) if u have checked this blog out and read it pleas follow I'll tell u how just go to followers click on it and hit follow publicly thank u

Bullshit blog update # 3

Lmao welcome to bullshit blog update # 3 this is my segment were yes u guessed it I talk about bullshit lmao wich means just anything at random like right now anyways comment if u would like me to do openings for bullshit blog update hmm let's see well I got a 2 liter of mountain dew that's the qestion comment telling me your favorite drink mines mountain dew lmao :)

Spelled that name wrong lmao

Sorry I spelled it wrong I mean getto king lmao

My new nickname/# 4

K so so far I have Deadm15 Deadman Deadm so this is Gona be my # 4 nick name is ghetto king :) it just came to me last night and sounds good to me lmao if u don't like it oh well I like it :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Will be giveing my self a second name tomarow :)

I will be giveing myself a second name tomarow that u guys can call me by some people call me Deadman or Deadm but I wanted another one to get known by so be on tomarow to find out lmao :)

Promoting stuff # 2

If u like rap check out this guys music its good :) here's the link reverberation.com/konflickt

Ask a qestion # 1

Tis is a new thing were I will let u ask me one or 2 questions that's it so whatever u want to know ask now :)

Feeling kinda better

I'm feeling kinda better the only thing I now have is a stuffed nose and a sore throught oh well I've lived and members of death15 pleas helP in geting more members death15 rules :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bullshit blog update # 2

Lmao I will not do the bullshit blog update every day only once in a while unless I feel like doing it every day but we will see anyways if u hate school comment and tell me why u hate it I hate it because it's stupid and boring and some kids can be mean but oh well I go on and hold my head up high and if u want to chat with me on my temp email then here it is deadn15@hotmail.com make sure to be happy and laugh lmao :)

Promoting stuff # 1

Go to ituns store search iw first on list get it it's only 99 cents :)

Promoting stuff for u :)

I will promote stuff for u if u follow my blog and tell your friends to follow to if u want me to promote soething for u just send me an email for right now at my main email deadm15@hotmail.com :)

Feeling sick

My throught hurts today so I'm feeling sick and gang members of death15 pleas don't kick my members unless I tell u to thank u and death15 rules

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bullshit blog update # 1

Lmao this will be a new thing on my blog were I'll talk about random stuff and ask a random qestion so today was pretty interesting if u want to know why leave a comment asking me why it was and my favorite food is peperoine pizza what's yours? Leave it in the comments

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Orignal gangster and famers

All I have to say is I hate famers and being famed it's like when someone says pleas stop faming me just stop faming them if I famed someone and they asked me to stop I would so famers out there when someone says stop pleas stop thank u and death15 rules

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Im excited to have this blog :)

Idk why but I'm just excited to have this blog if anyone reads this blog pleas follow me and here's a shout out to Shanedawsontv he makes funny videos that make me laugh lmao :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Boring night :(

This nights just boring it's a sad one I saw red ridding hood kinda liked it kinda didnt but oh well leave a com telling ne if you've seen it and what u thought if it anyways I probley have to get a new phone but maybe I'll get a better one and agin my gang death15 is at war and death15 rules I need a hug this night sucks :(

New day and feeling kinda better :)

Woke up this morning lmao still tired but oh well I don't feel sick anymore and gang members of deadth15 when u read this I'm letting u know we are now at war so fight as hard as u can and Death15 rules also heres a shout out to smosh they make good funny videos

Sunday, September 4, 2011

This day ugh

Ugh this day just sucks I'm upset and feel sick and like I might pass out right now but oh well I go on and try to smile I will soon create an email to talk to all u gangsters and my gang members on here if u read my blog now I'll try to keep it updated anyways I'm kinda feeling sick :( Death15 rules though lmao

Original gangster and famers

Original gangster is fun but I hate famers if u do to like this post :)