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Friday, November 11, 2016

Review: Black Eyed Kids #1

This issue opens up with a dog dying. Damit why do animals tend to die first in horror movies, books or even comic books. Next we go to a house where some girl flips out because her brother likes to sleep walk into her room every night. So either he's into incest or loves scaring the crap out of her in the middle of the night. Also doesn't she have a lock on her door to keep him out or are their parents so poor that they don't gave locks on their bedroom doors. Either that or he must break the lock every time he sleep walks into the room which makes them probably not even worrying about buying anymore. Anyways next we go to some store where some kid ask for smokes and then kills the guy at the cash register when he ask for his age and then kill a poor customer who saw him do it. Note to self avoid this store and any kids like this in life. Dude why are you sitting down after you committed a crime? Shouldn't you like book your ass ouy of there before the cops show up? Fine let them take you. Next we get a scene where two kids ask to use a guys house phone... it's 2016 and this guy still has a house phone? Mistake number one also after they ask to use your house phone which is obviously inside your house and thrn ask if they can come in that's when you slam the door in their faces and go back to watching Silence of the lambs. And now he died I think. I mean he kinda deserves it after those mistakes. This issue ends with creepy sleep walker kid doing something bad. To find out what he did go buy and read this issue for yourself. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good even though they killed off a dog. Since it's the first issue I'll let that slide. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. They really need a parental advisory on the front of the issue and not on the back cause if d ome mom gets this for her nine year old son he'll read it snd start sleep walking into other peoples rooms and then doing something bad to his family. Things I learned from this issue. Don't own a house phone in 2016 unless you want two kids with black eyes to kill you.

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