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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Review: Green Arrow #1

This issue opens up with Green Arrow, Black Canary and Oliver Queens sister Emi fighting the underground men. She's no Thea Queen but Emi seems cool. After fighting the underground men we see the Green Arrow give lots of money to the cops and one of the workers who helped the underground men. Does no one care to ask how the hell he got all that money? Or do they already know it's Oliver Queen but keep their mouths shut cause he just paid them a shit ton of money. Hopefully this shit will get explained in future issues cause so far it seems like he gives little to no shits about people knowing his secret identity cause he'll just throw money in their face any time he feels like it to get them to do something it seems. I blame the DC comics writers for that. Later on we get a love scene between Oliver and Dinah. I'm sure if my friend read and say this part he'd cover his eyes like a little kid even though he's twenty years old. Next we see all the different places that Oliver Queen owns. Maybe don't show the girl you love every place you own. Like sure it helps people but it still puts money in your pocket so it doesn't win your case in that area. We get to see Oliver Queen visit his business. We also learn the identity of who wears the red skull mask that's shaped like an arrow. That was pretty quick. Maybe build it up next time ya? Anyways to find out who wears the mask go buy and read this issue. This issue ends with a shado attacking Oliver Queen. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. Since it's the first issue I'll let that stuff that bothers me slide. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Really DC? In the first issue you're gonna pull that shit are you for real? Things I learned from this issue. Green Arrow is Oliv- oh thank you Green Arrow for all this money. Yes I promise I won't reveal your secret identity even though you just gave it away by giving me all this money.

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