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Monday, November 21, 2016

Review: Insexts #4

This issue opens up with Countess Bertram being a creeper and just standing on the stairs staring blankly into space or at someone or something. I don't know all I know is she creeps me the fuck out and I wish I'd never seen that. We see Lady Bertram get in a carriage with Dr. Taylor to go to a prison so she can talk to the London Butcher. Um why? I mean just let him stay there and take the blame. What you gonna do? Talk to him and then kill him. While in the carriage Dr. Taylor lets Lady Bertram know that she murdered her husband and that he doesn't plan on telling anyone what he did cause he wants to stay friends. Ya no he just wants to get in her pants or up her skirt. Like hey I know you killed your husband but I still want to marry you or just have sex with you. Hopefully you won't murder me. Almost like those couples who have an affair and one murders the wife or husband so that they can be together without there husband or wife getting in the way of the affair when they dont think. Hmm if she murders her husband that probably means she'll murder me later in life.  Anyways once they get to the prison and cell block that he was in we see a bunch of blood and satanic symbols in the blood. Wait why the hell is Lady Bertram changing in front of all these people? I'm guessing she's like a vampire that control herself around blood so she loses control. After her fit and Dr. Taylor taking her home we see her and Mariah go back to the prison at night and have sex in the same cell block with all the blood and satanic symbols. Ya that doesn't surprise me since some people now a days will have sex in a cemetery or at a taco bell. Wait so whenever they have sex that heightens Mariahs senses? For other people it just makes them tired but no not them it makes their powers heightened. Anyways Lady Bertram and Mariah find the London Butcher or some guy who they think is the London Butcher but really isn't he's actually that blue wolf creature from the second issue. To see how this issue ends go buy and read it. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise oh ya can't wait to read the next issue. I wonder if Dr. Taylor would still want to have sex with Lady Bertram if he knew she had teeth down there. Things I learned from this issue. People who want to have sex with someone who murdered someone are just stupid. See above to find out why. I mean heck after watching that Blackboxtv episode I have to ask a chick if she has any dead boyfriends under her bed. Cause I sure as hell don't want to die and end up under her bed.

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