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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #8

This issue opens up with all of Inspector Suns men getting the cure for Mister Negatives drug shade and his evil touch powers that turn people evil. So now would be a good idea to put that cure in the water system so no one else in China will become evil if Mister Negative touches them or gives them shade. Um why aren't you guys doing that? Fine be stupid. Anyways next we see Peter Parker give a speech and then take a ride up his own building in the Spider-Mobile in order to give Quinghao an award. Anyways while he does this Mister Negative watches to see if Peter Parker obeyed his orders which he clearly did not cause Mister Negative has Cloak teloport him and all his men there. We get a whole fight scene of Spider-Man curing Cloak, tge cops and the inner demons fighting each, Cloak curing Dagger. So ya awesome. Anyways next Peter Parkers girlfriend attacks him. I mean Spider-Man but that's still him so ya. Also funny how Spider-Man never said she was his girlfriend till this issue happened. While Spider-Man and his girlfriend die we see Mister Negative use his touch on Quinghao in order to get him to confess his sins and then jump out a window. Back to Spider-Man fighting his girlfriend we see Mockingbird give him information on her which helps him stop her from trying to kill him. Spider-Man has crappy luck with girlfriends. Later on after Spider-Mans girlfriend saves Quinghao we see Phillip tell Quinghao that he won't work with a man like him after learning of his sins. This issue ends with Mister Negative telling Spider-Man and his friends to go back to America and let him have China. Highly doubt they'll let you fo that. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Can't believe Peter Parker is still dating that chick after she tried to kill him. I'd be very afraid of her after that and leave her... actually I probably wouldn't because I'd probably get killed for doing that. Things I learned from this issue. That a lot of people will probably be working for Mister Negative soon since no one put the cure in the water system in China. Also I won't go to China till I know that Mister Negative is gone.

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