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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Review: Spider-Gwen #10

This issue opens up with Frank Castle asking Kraven the hunter for help. Um Spider-Gwen isn't an animal so why do you need a man who hunts animals to hunt her? It's not like he hunts spiders and collects them as trophies. Next we see Gwen sleeping in her old bed I'm guessing at her dads house. We see Gwen wake up to the alarm and then remembering how she got to her dads house. I'm guessing the delivery boy isn't a fan cause he didn't ask for her autograph. I mean heck I would've. Later on we see Gwen tell her dad how her powers were stolen and how she gets them back for a brief moment. While they talk we see Kraven put a bunch of animals in their house. I'm surprised nonr of them are dead. He must not be a true hunter if he lets them live. Dam that's kinda funny Captain Stacy just got knocked out by a monkey. Where's the replay button? We also see May Parker kick ass. Note to self don't mess with May Parker cause she can definitely kick your ass. Come on Gwen kick Kravens ass. We get to see Captain Stacy record Frank Castle while pretending that he has a gun. Dam Frank Castle is a bad cop if he really thinks Captain Stacy has a gun. I mean wouldn't he have known that Captain Stacy didn't have a gun since there was no click of the trigger being pulled a little or whatever. Yes Captain Stacy just knocked him out and destroyed his evidence. Fuck yes Spider-Gwen kicked Kravens ass. To see how this issue ends go buy and read this issue. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good can't wait to read the next issue :). I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Frank Castle is very creepy. Like dude find some chick your own age. Quit trying to date young girls and telling them that they're a certain superhero just so you can make yourself happy.  Things I learned from this issue. Kraven the hunter isn't a real hunter since he didn't kill all the animals that he put in Captain Stacys house.  Also I'm sure pest control will have a fun time getting all those animals out of there.

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