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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Review: Insexts #2

This issue opens up with Lady Bertram doing naughty stuff in a maze I think with Mariah. Knowing my friend he'd cover his eyes at this point thinking he had sinned just for looking at it. Next we see Lady Bertram almost eat the colonel. Dam I know he made KFC a think but that don't mean you need to eat him. He needs to be around longer so we can have more delicious KFC. Darn now I'm in the mood for KFC. Dr. Taylor tells Lady Bertram that they found her husbands dead body which means she has to pretend to be sad and wear all black for a long time and even cover her windows with black curtains.... wait why cover the windows in black? Is that to confuse the person who's mourning so that they don't know when to go to bed or when to wake up? Anyways we get a nice scene next. To see what I'm talking about go buy and read this issue for yourself. Next we see Lady Bertram save a hooker and her money from some evil blue monster. Now I'm interested to know what this thing is and how it came to be. This issue ends with some lady telling Lady Bertram her whole plan on how she's gonna ruin her life. Ya I doubt she'll actually succeed at it. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good it's definitely getting more interesting. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Can't wait to see that lady get eaten by Lady Bertram. Things I learned from this issue. Don't hit on Lady Bertram unless you want her to eat you.

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