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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Review: Spider-Gwen Annual #1

So lots of things happened in this issue and no I won't be going over it all cause I'm tired and that'd be a long review for me to write and for you to read so I'll just go over a few parts. We see Gwen first testing out her powers kinda like Spider-Man did. We also see how her band came to be. Also we find out that some pervert watched them the whole time till they formed their band. We get to see a Captain America read her own comics that Steve Rogers of Earth-65 wrote. Is he secretly a hydra member to? I mean if so that'd explain how he knew where Captain America was and what she was doing. I still want to know if she works for hydra to like earth-616 Captain America. I'm sure Gwens dad would not be happy if she was hydra. Also apperently Captain America of Earth-65 fell in love with a vampire. Does he sparkle in the sunlight to? How come they never got a book series? Also how'd she dump him or are they secretly married and she's secretly a vampire that's also a hydra member? I don't trust this Captain America she brings up to many questions that I need to know the answers to. We get to see one of Gwens most forgettable villans. Ya make sure he stays forgotten cause he's not a very cool villain. We get to see how Spider-Gwen spends her week. Oh look Silk and Jessica Drew still come to her world which is good cause I hope in the future we get another Spider-Women series. To see how this issue ends go buy and read this issue. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise really good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I wonder if Spider-Ham will ever get his own series. Things I learned from this issue. Spider-Gwen is the best superhero with spider powers and that's why I love her series so much :).

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