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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Review: The Discipline #1

This issue opens up with two people having sex and one turing into a reptile like creature. Is this a new sex disease? If so that'd suck cause then people would know how you got it if you always looked like that after. Anyways we meet our main character Melissa who I think is very pretty. Yes she looks like she could be a nerd or a librarian but a very hot one. Heck if I went to a library and she was the librarian I'd make lots of noise and be a bad boy so she'd have to punish me ;).  We meet another character named Orlando who likes to stalk Melissa. Like seriously he stalkers her as she walks and runs with her dog even as she gets yelled at by her bitch of a sister. Next we see Melissa staring at a painting of some hairy animal fucking a chick. So she's into to animal porn? Oh look after Orlando stuck his fingers in her while she was starting at the painting later on that night she has a sex dream of getting fucked by a hairy animal. Yep definitely in to animal porn. I wonder if she's tried having sex with her dog. Later on we see Orlando take her on a date to a slaughter house where she passes out and has a dream of being hung naked and upside down on the rack. So she's into animal porn and getting whipped and all that other kinky shit. I'm guessing dead bodies probably turn her on to. Also if you take a chick on a date take her to a slaughter house first to make sure she's not into animal porn. Next we see Melissa meet Orlando at some creepy house where he undresses her and pushes her against a painting that comes to life and grabs her arm. Damit hell raiser get out of this comic book. If a box appears in my room I am so not touching it. Also why is she flipping out about the painting grabbing and holding her? I thought that type of stuff turned her on? Anyways next we see a hairy creature break through the window and we find out that it's called a stalker. So basically it's Orlando. Or is that what he'll turn into if he keeps stalking Melissa? We see the creature spit on her which makes her have another sex dream about getting fucked by a hairy animal. Does she touch herself while thinking of hairy animals? This issue ends with Orlando being told that he needs to have sex with Melissas sister now. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. Lots of sex scenes. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. So are we gonna see Orlando stalking Krystal next issue? Will we see Melissa having more sex dreams about getting fucked by hairy animals? Things I learned from this issue. That Melissa really wants to have sex with a hairy animal since she keeps having sex dreams about being fucked by one.

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