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Monday, November 7, 2016

Review: Scarlet Witch #8

This issue opens up with... wait do I really need to review this issue? Yes I did read it but do I really have to review it? Yes I could keep this up for the whole review. Ugh do I have to? I do? But it was horrible! Fine fine I'll do a short review. This issue to me was stupid Scarlet Witch sees a psychiatrist who apperently is a villain from a Spider-Man book. She doesn't reveal that she knew he was a villain till the end of the issue. Um why? Why do a whole month or whatever of seeing him, paying him and talking to him if you could've just got him arrested after the first session? Like why keep it up? I'll just say it right now worst superhero. Oh also plus if he can control people who's to say when you leave or when he's in prison that he won't just make the cops let him go... I mean unless you found a way to stop that from happening which I doubt you did so I'll just assume that later on he had the cops let him go and escaped without your help. Honestly the artwork changes to much so I didn't like the art. The story make me scratch my head in confusion. So much so that I think my head is bleeding... yep it is. Thanks Scarlet Witch #8 for causing my head to bleed. I give this issue a 3 out of 10. Nope this book will not get any more words out of me so this is my cue to.

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