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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review: Insexts #3

This issue opens up with Lady Bertram savings the cooking ladys son from some creepy pedophiles. Well I'm sure other people would think of her as a monster but I'm sure the little boy thinks she's his hero. We get a  scene of Countess Bertram being a creeper and listening to Mariah and Lady Bertrams conversation while they eat cherrys in a sexy porno kind of way. Wait why does she need to see a doctor for changing so much and having a  claw or whatever for a tongue and eat the cherry in a non porno way. I'm sure her bug side wants some cherrys to. Anyways next we get a scene where Lady Bertram goes to see the doctor and finds out that he's a murderer. That's why when the doctor ask you to come into the room you should make sure a nurse is with him or that you have a friend with you just in case he pulls that shit. Oh ya Countess Bertram I'm sure scaring the fat kid eating sweets will make him eat less sweets just so he doesn't sin like you say he's doing. You know what I'm gonna shove a bunch of cookies in my mouth to prove a point that eating sweets is not a sin it'll just make you fat as fuck if you eat a lot of it like honey boo boo. Damit put to many in and now my mouth hurts. Also that's what she said. There I'll say it so some pervert doesn't have to say it or think it after reading that part. Also I'm sure what you told him won't sink in and he'll just go back to eating more sweets and getting really fucking fat. Fuck yes Mariah beat the shit out of Countess Bertram. Later on we see Lady Bertram go back to see the doctor who killed that woman and her kid earlier. Oh so some do have teeth. To see what I'm talking about go buy and read this issue. Well that's one doctor that won't be killing women and children since Lady Bertram ate him. Like not even joking her stomach had teeth and at him home. Yep he definitely got what he deserved. This issue ends with Lady Bertrams killer coming clean about what he did. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise getting better. Definitely has me on the edge of my seat. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I think the London Butcher is actually that blue creature from last issue. Things I learned from this issue. Lady Bertram is a hero :).

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