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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Review: The Discipline #2

This issue opens up with Melissa telling Orlando how mad she is that he just left her in that place. Well it's kinda all your fault cause you really don't know him that well plus he hasn't been completely honest so what'd you expect? See at least his opening up a bit more to you now. I'm sure after he leaves you alone some more or does other stuff to you that he'll finally be completely honest with you. Next we see a cat fight between Melissa and her sister. My moneys on the hot red head with glasses. Actually I think she might be a ginger which means she has no soul but hey I'd still date her and let her steal little pieces of my soul every time we slept together. Note to self don't piss Melissa off unless you want your face to get ripped to shreds. I mean sure you might live but your face will be all fucked up like her husbands. Anyways next we see Orlando take Melissa to a bdsm club where he drugs her, strips her naked and leaves her alone on a public street so everyone can see her naughty bits. Again she can't be mad Orlando since she's the one who agreed to see him again even after what he did last time. I mean that be like not knowing someone that well and going on a date with them but during the date they shoot your arm and put you in the hospital but if even after all that you went on a date with yhem again it'd just show how stupid you are. Well surprisingly Melissa didn't get fucked by a hairy animal. But her friend did. In fact it even hopped into her body which means that the hairy animal is now her friend. Hopefully we don't get a future issue where her and the hairy animal scissor each other. This issue ends with Orlando chocking Melissa. I'm sure the next issue will open up with her being pissed that he tried to kill her but then go and get fucked by him the next night. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. Yes I'm giving it crap but I find it interesting :). I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I have a feeling a movie or tv show will be made for this series and it'll be way better than fifty shades of gray. Things I learned from this issue. If you go on a date with someone that you don't know real well and they drug you or hurt you then ya you can be mad but if you go and date them a second time and they do the same shit again it's all your fault which means you can't be mad st them for you being stupid expecting them not to pull that shit again when you should know that they definitely will.

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