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Friday, November 18, 2016

Review: Batman #2

This issue opens up with Gotham and Gotham Girl failing to capture Solomon Grundy. See Batman is definitely one of the best super heros since he just kicked  Solomon Grundys ass without having to chase him around like an idiot. Also both those names make me laugh. I'm gonna become a superhero and name myself Genola Man! Anyways we see Batman basically give Gotham tips and pretty much tell him in between the lines how he could kick Gothams ass. Can we get a fight between these two in a future issue? Next we see some guy kill himself in Jim Gordons office. Dammit now his office is gonna be haunted since someone just died in there. Later on we see Batman have a meeting with Jim Gordon, Gotham and Gotham Girl. That's funny he just did his dissappearing act and Gotham and Gotham Girl couldn't find him even with their "ultra vision" yes I even did the quotation marks with my hands after I wrote that. To see how this issue ends go buy and read this issue. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise good and funny.  I give this issue a 10 out 10.  See since they couldn't find him after he did his dissappearing act just shows that he could kick their asses. Things I learned from this issue. That Gotham and Gotham Girl are just as bad as Superman.

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