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Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: Spider-Women Omega #1

This issue opens up with evil Cindy Moon blowing up Jesse Drews house. Good thing he wasn't inside it. Also it's good that she didn't put a tracker on him or in him. Next we see evil Cindy Moon go to her evil lady lair and set stuff on fire. Is she aiming to kill herself in rage? Breaking news lady throws a fit and bruns herself. Sports up next. We also get to see Jessica Drew sneak up on Cindy... sorry had to check all my windows to maker sure Jessica Drew wasn't sneaking up on me. Next we get a fight between Jessica Drew and evil Cindy Moon. We also see Spider-Gwen try to lift a motorcycle to see if her spider powers have kicked in yet. I have a feeling they'll kick in at the right time :). Well shit Jessica Drew is out for the count. Note to self never fight evil Cindy Moon when she has a bunch of evil gadgets on her side. I have to say the scene where Spider-Gwen came out with an arsenal of weapons and shot at evil Cindy Moon made me smile. Just shows you that she's always badass even without her powers. Oh look the other Cindy Moon decided to join the fight. I wonder if she'll return all her tech after she uses it or if she'll give it to Black Cat to try and gain more of her trust. Sadly good Cindy Moon doesn't last long in the fight either. Looks like it's down to Spider-Gwen and evil Cindy Moon which I was hoping it'd come down to and am excited that it did :). Yes Gwen kick her ass. Oh shit that's gotta hurt evil Cindy Moon is beating the shit out of Spider-Gwen :(. But wait here's my favorite part or another one. Gwen finally gets her powers back and beats the fuck out of evil Cindy Moon. Fuck yes knew Spider-Gwen would beat the shit out of her for her stealing her powers. This issue ends with Gwen Stacy, Cindy Moon and Jessica Drew all having lunch or brunch I'm sure it's one of the two but I'm to lazy to check. Artwork was really good. Story wise pretty fucking good! I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I'm so glad I bought the trade paperback for this crossover :). Things I learned from this issue. Evil Cindy Moon is no match for Spider-Gwen.

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