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Monday, October 3, 2016

Review: Mockingbird #2

This issue opens up with Bobbi Morse in some leather outfit while in a creepy basement where a ton of other people are standing around a guy wearing no shirt and has a collar on him that zaps him if you click the button on the remote. Is this gonna turn into a porno issue? Oh good it didn't cause Bobbi just beat the shit out of some guys while the Black Queen ran away. I'm sure if my friend read this issue he'd be disappointed that it didn't turn into a porno I mean he wouldn't openly admit it but secretly he would. Anyways Bobbi and Lance Hunter follow the Black Queen into the next room where they get caught and chained up. I'm just gonna say that some guys were probably excited to see Bobbi chained up and thought if only she were chained up in my room. Then I could have some real fun with her ;). Sadly those guys are probably extremely fat and eat a two buckets of chicken every night from KFC. Anyways Lance Hunter smells mildrew in the room that they're in and pisses the Black Queen off causing her to click the button and shock Lance Hunter while also shocking her and the other people in the room with her except Bobbi cause she was smart and had her feet off the ground. Also why'd the Black Queen leave the collar on Lance Hunter? Was she gonna shock him a few more times before she finally decided to kill him? I mean hey that turns some people on but not me. So Bobbi and Lance Hunter escape. I love the moments where Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse bicker. Anyways Bobbi finds the Black Queen and knocks her out. And this is where those fat guys were probably like. *huff* *wheeze* damit I wanted to see a cat fight and see one of their boobs hang out during the cat fight. Sadly after saying that they'd probably eat a third bucket of chicken while crying in the conner about how much their life sucks and how they'll never see or get any action. This issue ends with Bobbi Morse chaining Lance Hunter up to a bed and leaving him there. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good some parts made me laugh :). I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I'm betting most the girls who read this issue were probably extremely happy and no I won't say why but if you think or know things like I do thrn you know I'm probably right. Things I learned from this issue. Never join a sorority club in college unless you want to be chained up in a leather outfit but without the shirt and a collar that shocks you or you'd probably get whipped instead all while in a creepy basement where a bunch of people watch that shit. And sadly after someone reads this review or reads the issue they'll probably go do something like that.

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