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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Review: Spider-Gwen #7

This issue opens up with Spider-Gwen and Silk standing on some billboard on a bulding while trying to figure out a plan to get Jessica and Cindy back home. Next we see Jessica Drew just jump off the building and tell them that she's in charge and that they should follow her. Hey I agree with Spider-Gwen I think she should be in charge since it's her earth. See now she's got two votes for her. Anyways next we get a fun little scene with all the girls in a grocery store trying to buy cell phones. Oh look it's the Bodega Bandit again. Really dude you still continue to be a villain after Spider-Gwen returned your dog to you. Heck that's when I'd quit being a villain and start doing nice things for people. Anyways we see Jessica Drew zap him which gets them all cell phones. I'm sure I've already noted this but I'll double note it just so anyone reading and so I know not to piss Jessica Drew off unless you want your ass kicked or zapped. Next we see Cindy Moon run off to find her family on Earth-65. After this we get a scene where Gwen Stacy and Jessica Drew change from their Spider-Women outfits into their regular clothes while some peeping tom watches. Really evil Cindy Moon you promoted him to peeping tom. Now that you've stolen from them I want you to go be a peeping tom and watch them undress. I have to say Gwen Stacy is beautiful in anything she wears. Next we see Jessica Drew meet The Mary Janes. Hey I want to meet them. I also want one of their songs and one of just Gwen Stacy singing by herself. I'd listen to it while I wrote reviews. Anyways Jessica Drew runs off to find the Reed Richards of Earth-65 I'm guessing he's this smart on every earth you go to. Basically Jessica ask for his help which he says he'll give her since I guess a lot of people from other dimensions like to come to him and the other ones whenever they land on their earth. We get a great fight scene where Spider-Gwen kicks ass again and Jessica Drew shocks the bad guys. See why you don't want to piss her off. Next we see Gwen Stacy, Reed Richards and Jessica Drew at Gwen Stacys dads house. This issue ends with Jessica Drew and Captain Stacy having a drink on the porch. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise really good. Can't wait to read the next part of this crossover event. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. So how'd Cindy Moon get in that place? Things I learned from this issue. Reed Richards is smart on every earth and Tony Stark just seems to be more of an ass on the other earths.

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