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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Batman & Robin Eternal #7

This issue opens up with Batman kicking some guy out of a window. So glad I'm not the janitor cause I'm sick of cleaning up after superheros after they go and destroy shit that they don't own. Like hell I wish I could walk into a gas station and break all their shit in it and walk out saying I just saved your ass. I wonder how people would react after I said that. Like oh he just saved us so it's totally fine that he destroyed all our shit :). We go back to the present where we see Harper Row in a tux and Cassandra Cain in a dress. I'm sure that harasser at DC Comics loves this photo and probably wishes he could get up under her dress and shove his tongue down her throat. I mean I could totally see him doing that and DC Comics being like damit you low life sack of shit you've been promoted to the boss of DC Comics. Thdn they'd all shed a tear and be like we're so proud of you. Personally I think they should fire him and let Batman beat the shit out of him. We see Jason Todd and Tim Drake in a bar which doesn't go so well cause they take some guy out of the bar and beat the shit out of him. That's what you get for drinking in a bar with us. Note to self never go drinking with Jason Todd unless you want him to beat the shit out of you. Next we get a few panels of Harper Row and Cassandra Cain watching the ballerina concert. We see the lead dancer get a phone call that sends her into a murderous rage mode. Note to self never answer if some old lady called Mother cause chances are she'll hypnotize you over the phone somehow and send you in a murderous rage mode. We get a flashback where Bruce Wayne is telling some guy that he wants to meet mother in person. Is this really your plan Bruce. Pretend to be an orphan that needs a mommy so Mother can become your Mother. Anyways next we see the lead dancer charge at Harper Row and Cassandra Cain. This issue ends with us meeting an old lady that should definitely be dead by now. I mean hell in the flashbacks she's old to so how has she not had a heart attack or fallen so she can't get up. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I have a feeling that the old lady is gonna somehow beat the shit out of Dick Grayson in the next issue which will prove that he was the worst Robin. Things I learned from this issue. Mother probably has a fountain of youth and I totally want to know where it is so I can look young forever and not die.

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