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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Review: Spider-Women #1

This issue opens up with Spider-Gwen stopping some robbers. As you can tell I'm way excited to read this series cause I just changed up my reading and reviewing schedule for a bit. I mean what can I say I love Spider-Gwen and need to catch up on the series. So after Spider-Gwen takes care of the robbers we see her singing a song as she opens up a portal to Earth-616. I really want to hear the songs she sings and in her voice. I bet she has a beautiful voice. Hey Marvel hurry up and make a Spider-Gwen movie so I can hear Spider-Gwen sing. Once on Earth-616 Gwen Stacy runs into Silk. Um Silk were you just creeping and waiting for Gwen Stacy to come to your earth so you could scare the shit out of her. Also is this what you've been learning while working for Black Cat? If so maybe you should quit being undercover. Anyways Gwen Stacy and Cindy Moon go to Jessica Drews apartment and we get to see Jessica Drew holding her son, then give it to Gwen Stacy who gives it to Cindy Moon who seems to be a natural with babies. I'm sure Black Cat didn't teach her that. So later on Roger comes and we see Jessica Drew, Cindy Moon and Gwen Stacy go to Earth-65 since Jessica Drew likes taking them both to the same place for brunch a lot. While on Earth-65 our heros go to Clowntown. Clowntown sounds like my kinda place. Heck I'd be the perfect clown for that place :). So hearing that Cindy Moon ate a fried butter cup dipped in butter makes me wonder won't that cause her to get diabetes? If not does the spider powers she have help her not get diabetes and crap like that? Also is she pregnant or something or is that just how they make those things. I mean the pregnancy thing would kinda explain why she's so good with kids. Anyways while Cindy Moon goes and plays in the ball pit Jessica Drew and Gwen Stacy talk about her. I agree with a lot of the things Gwen Stacy says. Heck Cindy Moon has been really angry and that makes me wonder if she's gonna go evil. If she doesn't I think Marvel should give her an arc where she bonds with a bad symbiote so she can go all out bad and blow off all that anger she holds in. I'm guessing that when Cindy Moon was young she never got to play in the ball pits a lot and is probably why she is playing in one now. If she wasn't so angry I'd find it kinda cute. Anyways after Clowntown the girls go to Stark Bucks which makes Jessica Drew very happy. Can we get an issue in her series where she takes one of the cups to Tony Stark and says look you own coffee shops on another earth. I'd laugh at that one. Next we see a giant robot attack the surrounding area near Stark Bucks since some stalker of Spider-Gwens sent it out there to cause trouble. I wonder why he's been following her the whole issue. No dude I don't think it'll be a good idea to kidnap her and chain her up in your basement. We get a great fight scene where Gwen Stacy kicks lots of ass and they all take down the giant robot. Note to self when fighting super villains have these three on your side cause you'll definitely win with them on your side. Even if it were just Spider-Gwen you'd still win cause that's how awesome she is. After the fight we find out that Spider-Gwens stalker stole her teleportation watch which means Jessica Drew is shit out of luck at the moment. Well at least there's always Clowntown to go to Jessica so no need to worry. This issue ends with us finding out who's been hiring Spider-Gwens stalker to stalk her. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise really good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. All I have to ask is why this person wants this guy to stalk Spider-Gwen? Things I learned from this issue. Clowntown is the best place on Earth-65 and now I want to go eat and work there.

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