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Monday, October 24, 2016

Review: Harley Quinn #14

This issue opens up with Harley Quinn drowning her alarm clock. Note to self don't wake Harley Quinn up unless you want to die. We see Harley go to take a shower and get cold water. I don't understand those people who can shower in cold water. Like my water has to be warm or hot if it's not then I can't stand it. Like oh time to go freeze my ass off in the shower. We learn that Harley Quinns water heater or whatever broke. Did she really just bite off a big chunk of her towel? I'm gonna try that next time around a hot girl to see if it turns her on. I mean heck Harley Quinn got a date out of doing it though I'm sure that's cause she's naked under that towel and the guy is probably wishing they were alone at the moment. Good thing this isn't a porno or else lots of people would be scared and the fat nerds would ask that the book be canceled cause they wouldn't be the ones fucking Harley Quinn. Anyways we see Harley Quinn skateboard her way to work and beat the crap out of some muggers who robbed an old grandma. While at work Harley Quinn ties up one of the people who came to see her. Um... uh he was kinda asking for it. Go buy and read this issue to see what I mean. Later on we see Harley Quinn save some old ladys life. Thanks to this comic I will now know how to give someone cpr. Also isn't it great when you get some education in a book. Don't you hate when you have a dream about your crazy ex? Heck I know I do cause I have them a lot. No I don't love you anymore so please get out of my dreams and let me sleep in peace. We see Harley Quinn get a call from the girls at the skate club asking where she is. Good thing Harley Quinn saved that old lady earlier or her coworker probably would've made her stay there instead of letting her leave. Now Harley Quinn just beat the shit out of some guy in a taxi. Good thing she can take care of herself. This issue ends with Harley Quinn being very sad. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I hate seeing her so sad. Things I learned from this issue. As long as you're naked under a towel it won't matter if you bite a chunk of it off cause the person you're hitting on will still ask you out on a date.

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