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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bullshit Blog Update #138

Um I have no clue what to write. Anyways I went back to Asylum 49 last Friday which was a lot of fun since for me it felt like it got kicked up a notch. I went with my friend and my mom. They dif a greag job at separating groups. Why it got kicked up a notch for me is cause as soon as I entered two nurses took me and put me on a bed, after they scared the crap out of me a little bit I went and saw a doctor who shoved mr onto a bed. Yes he shoved me but it wasn't hard enough to hurt me or damage me so it was actually kind of fun. Then got taken a third time which was great. I feel like being taken three times put me more in the experience and scared me more then the first time did since the first time for me felt kind of like walk through. Hopefully I'll be able to go back Saturday with two of my friends and one of my friends sisters to see how scared she gets :). Anyways that's all I feel like writing for now.

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