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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #7

This issue opens up with Mister Negative giving Peter Parker some shade to give to Shen Quinghao. I have a feeling that thid whole arc is gonna make me feel very negative. I mean I already feel negative just reading this issue. Also don't do shade kids cause it'll make you a very shady person. So later on we find out that Mister Negatives negative touch or whatever only works once and since he used it on Peter Parker once when he was Spider-Man that means that Peter Parker isn't really under his control. Dammit now I need to go read that arc so I can what happened when Spider-Man was under Mister Negatives control but I'm afraid reading that arc would cause mr to be a very negative person the whole week I read it. We get to see Spider-Man put a micro spider tracer on Cloak when he brings him back to his business. Funny thing how Cloak didn't notice that you didn't pull the whole I'm gonna throw up trick the first time he teloported you somewhere. I guess doing shade and being a shady person means you don't have much of an iq. After this we see Peter Parker give shade to the sicincetest who's trying to find a cure foe the drug. Great Peter now all your workers are gonna spread romurs that you do shade and other drugs in your spare time. Anyways after Peter Parker gives his sicincetest some shade we see him swinging around China following the tracer he put on Cloak. We also get to see Regent make an appearance in this issue. Well already I don't trust Regent cause in the Spider-Man series I read he was a very powerful and evil villain that killed superheros and used their powers. Also Harry Osborn has kids? Wasn't he The Hob Goblin at some point? If so doesn't that mean that his kids will grow up at an alarming rate like the ones did in that incorrect Spider-Man series? Next we see Spider-Man find the place where Mister Negative has been making shade and shipping it off from. We also get a fight scene between him, Cloak, Dagger and the cops he called for backup since Cloak gave them all shade and made them shady people. Did Spider-Man really give Dagger an overload of shade? Can that shit kill you or cause you to become brain dead if you take to much at some point? Hopefully Dagger doesn't die in the next issue. I mean wouldn't that suck for Spider-Man if he accidentally killed her by making her overdose on shade. This issue ends with one of Peter Parkers workers making a deal with Scorpio who also works for Peter or something. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I can't wait to see if Harry Osborns kids grow up at an alarming rate and become villans. Things I learned from this issue. If you do drugs that make you evil Spider-Man will put a bunch on you basically making you overdose because Spider-Man doesn't give a shit as long as he wins the fight. I mean at least when Doc Ock was in control of Spider-Mans body he'd kill you so you wouldn't have to deal with all the pain or go brain dead.

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