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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Review: Spider-Woman #7

This issue opens up with Jessica Drew going into her apartment to find a drunk Roger and her evil twin holding her son. How'd he even find out where she lived? I mean it's not like they think like each other. Heck his lives in a mansion while she lives in a crappy apartment so again how'd he even find out where she lived? We see Jesse put her baby to sleep. Well they're both good at parenting have to give them that. Anyways after Roger leaves we get a fight scene. To see who wins go buy and read this issue. Next we see Gwen Stacy look up all the files on the s.i.l.k drive. See Silk this is what you guys should've done before hand. I think Gwen even mentioned it in your issue before Gwen decided to go to Parker Industries with you and keep you ass safe which caused her to lose her powers! Sorry had to put that out there. Later on we see Jessica Drew and Jesse talk about how they should call a truce and how she should just let him go home and not worry about what evil Cindy Moon has planned. Really? You really think she'd just not worry about it anymore just cause you say there's no reason to worry? Well this definitely proves that he's dumb. Also if evil Cindy Moon is anything like Silk then ya Jessica Drew should be worried. Next we get a scene where Gwen Stacy punches Jesse in the face and breaks her hand. Dan that sucks. Also it sucks seeing her in pain though she sucked it up which shows how awesome she is. Gwen Stacy tells Jessica how she lost her powers snd tells Jesse that he doesn't need anymore doses of the radioactive isotope that evil Cindy Moon gives him which is basically venom from the spider that bit her. At least that's what I got out of it. This issue ends with Jesse giving Gwen Stacy the last two doses he has. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise well written. Can't wait to read the last issue to this crossover :). I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Yay Spider-Gwen is back. I mean she never left so yay she's got spider powers again. Things I learned from this issue. If you ever need a babysitter don't have Roger watch your kid cause he'll let an evil villain take care of them as long as they lie to him and say they're related to you.

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