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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review: Spider-Gwen #8

This issue opens up with Gwen Stacy and Cindy Moon at the fact channel on earth-616. I love how Gwen tells Cindy that she works for the man who has ruined her life. It's true. I mean almost every Jameson on any earth hates any Spider-Man or woman. Though this Jameson liked Silk... well till recently. I wonder if Silk will be able to fix that relationship. I kinda hope she's not able to. Anyways we see Cindy ask Gwen where the zip drive is that she stole from the other Cindy Moon. For having such good memory this scene makes me think that's a joke. Like if her memory was so good she'd remember that she gave it to Gwen. Anyways Gwen and Cindy get a message from evil Cindy Moon telling them to meet her at Parker Industries. All I have to say is Peter Parker needs better surcirty. We see Silk and Spider-Gwen fight all of Parker Industries security. Wait how come evil Cindy Moon didn't have to fight all those things. Oh ok that probably makes sense. We get an awesome fight scene and then a villain monologue scene where evil Cindy Moon explains how she pretty much gave Spider-Gwen her powers. Oh shit that's gotta mean something bad is gonna happen. Yep evil Cindy Moon just attacked Spider-Gwen and Silk which shrunk Silk and put Spider-Gwen in a shit ton of pain. This scene made me very angry. No damit don't take Spider-Gwens powers you evil bitch! Fuck! This issue ends with Mockingbird entering the place after the fight when down and telling Cindy Moon to stand down. The good Cindy Moon since the evil bitch of earth-65 dissappeared magically. Artwork was really good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I have a feeling that Spider-Gwen is gonna beat the shit out of evil Cindy Moon for all that she's done to her even without her powers. Things I learned from this issue. That evil Cindy Moon needs her teeth knocked out.

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