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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Review: Scarlet Witch #7

This issue opens up with us getting a history lesson about a rich man who basically used a wish from a something called a dark tongji. You know I hated history in school so I don't really enjoy it in my comics. Docking one point off for the history lesson. We go to the present where we see Scarlet Witch talking to some old lady who recognizes her because she wears a lot of read. You know Scarlet Witch I'm docking a point just for you not wearing different color clothing so people don't recognize you. Anyways the old lady gives her the address of her granddaughters location. Geez what if Scarlet Witch was lying about being friends with Alices mom then that'd mean that you just gave her a death sentence. Anyways Scarlet Witch finds Alice and talks to her about her mom and then takes her to some creepy haunted place. Oh shit she's gonna kill her and then hang her dead body on a tree. Scarlet Witch tells her about all the spiritd being trapped in the area and how the dark tongji uses them for his power and his mens power. Really as if I didn't get enough history the first go round you go and try to shove it down my throat. Fir that I'm docking another point. To see if Scarlet Witch and Alice beat the dark tongji go b- no wait what am I saying don't buy this issue. This issue ends with Scarlet Witch and Alice going to go drink tea. Artwork was ok. It keeps changing so I'm docking a point for that. Story wise to much history in one book. Please stop. Also docking another point for Marvel basically giving me a history book in comic book fourm. I give this issue a 5 out of 10. Ya I think I'm taking this series off my pull. Things I learned from this issue. That I'm tired after reading it. No seriously my eyelids are heavy that's how boring this comic was.

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