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Monday, October 10, 2016

Review: New Suicide Squad #21

This issue opens up with Captain Boomerang killing some guy wearing a lamb mask. Already one page in and we almost get animal porn. Good thing Captain Boomerang killed him before that happened. Next we get a whole fight scene of Cheetah vs Rose Tattoo. So far it looks like Cheetah is getting her ass handed to her. Back with Adam Reed and Deathtrap we see Adam Reed stab Deathtrap in the neck. Note to self never go to any of Adam Reeds coffe shops cause if you piss him off he'll stab you in the neck. Hello good sir what can I make for you today. Oh sorry I want that chick to take my order not you sir. Next thing you know you'll get stabbed in the next by him. Anyways we see Chato tell Harley Quinn how when he got revenge one time all he saw was red. Well that was probably cause you were cutting them up and making their blood spray everywhere. Anyways we get a fight scene with Chato and Rose Tattoo. To see who wins go buy this issue and read it. Next we get a long boring speech by Adam Reed. No wonder he can't sell coffe. He will pretty much talk your ear off and bore you to sleep which would get you stabbed in the neck. Phew good thing Deathtrap didn't really kill Deadshot cause Deadshot just stopped the boring speech. We get a whole fight scene of fist of cain vs suicide squad we also see Adam Reed get his hand chopped off before he can detonate the bombs in the suicide squads necks killing them all. Yay Captain Boomerang just saved all of them we see that Deathtrap is still alive and is going to kill the rest of fist of cain by turning the whole castle into a giant gun. Sadly we don't get to see it happen. This issue ends with Harley Quinn talking to Deadshot while he's on the toilet. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I wonder how long it'll take Chato to come back. Things I learned from this issue. Some of the fist of cain are into animal porn since that had lamb mask on.

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