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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #6

This issue opens up with some guy being kept prisoner on a boat. Probably not the best place to have a prisoner. Guys I have a great idea for a new prison system. Yes what is it good sir. Prison boats! That's a fantastic idea! You get no credit for this idea sir now be gone. Sadly it's actually the worst idea anyone could come up with. Anyways later on the boat gets attacked by some bad guys who have superpowers. The chick has a nice ass sadly it's not as nice as Jessica Drews ass. Anyways we later find out that the prisoner was actually Mister Negative. Also his super villain friends help him escape so the prison boat idea was a piece of shit. Next we see Peter Parker in China on top of the Parker Industries building there eating dumplings that some chick made. With how good Peter Parker says they are it makes me want one and is also making me hungry. Note to self eat lots of food before you read a comic. Later on we see Peter Parker have a meeting with some businessman and find out from the police that are in the building that Mister Negative is in China. Next we see Spider-Man fight some guy using a wrecking ball. I'm surprised a naked Miley Cyrus isn't on it singing as it gets swung around. Spider-Man stops the Miley Cyrus wannabe and finds out from a patch on his neck that he's being controlled by Mister Negative. How are you sure he wasn't just trying to recreate Miley Cyruses music video Spider-Man? I'm sure if you'd waited long enough he would've gotten out of the machine while the ball was still swinging and jump on the ball naked and start singing. That's it Spider-Man I think Miley Cyrus was controlling him. Kids stay away from anything that Miley Cyrus does unless you want to end up like this guy. Also Spider-Man go arrest Miley Cyrus! This issue ends with a Negative person coming to visit Peter Parker. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. So are you going to arrest Miley Cyrus in the next issue Spider-Man? Things I learned from this issue. Don't do drugs unless you want a Negative man to control you. Also don't watch or listen to anything by Miley Cyrus.

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