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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review: Silk #8

This issue opens up with Silk and Spider-Gwen getting arrested. Wait why is Spider-Gwen getting arrested? I mean when Mockingbird walked in she was knocked out and somehow that means she helped evil Silk steal shit? Also later on when she shows Silk the surcirty camera feed of evil Silk stealing stuff there's no Spider-Gwen with her so how the hell does a thought pop in her head that she helped Silk? Mockingbird would make a bad detective. Anyways next we see Gwen Stacy tell Cindy Moon that she knows she was thinking of taking evil Cindy Moons offer. She has a point I mean heck Silk when a bad guy offers you a deal normally you don't need to think it over cause all you need to say is no. We see Black Cat free Spider-Gwen and Silk from the police van or whatever they're in. Note to self if you ever need freed from a place or vehicle just make sure Black Cat is on your side or that she thinks your evil so she'll come help you. We get an awesome scene with Spider-Gwen. Hey don't tase her you jerk! Later on we see Silk and Black Cat talk on a roof about all the stuff she stole. I guess it's a good thing and bad thing that evil Cindy Moon stole sll that dhit cause if she hadn't come along and done that this heart to heart roof talk would never have happened. This issue ends with Silk going to the dark side. Note to self don't trust Silk anymore cause she's bad. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I'm sure Captain America would be very proud of Silk right now since he's hydra. Things I learned from this issue. That Mockingbird is a horrible detective. I think that skinny guy stole two buckets of chicken from KFC I mean clearly you can see the fatass stealing it but for some reason my brain is telling me that the skinny one stole those buckets of chicken.

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