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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bullshit Blog Update #139

So yesterday I went to Fear Con for the first time which was pretty cool. I got a couple new art prints and an art book. I also had to buy my friend shorts cause he thought his moms idea of wearing a dress to Fear Con would be a good idea which it wasn't. Anyways for Fear Cons first year it was pretty good. Hopefully they'll have more stuff next year but I'd definitely go again. Oh tomorrow Dirk Manning launches his kickstarter for the Nightmare World Omnibus and Nightmare World volume 4 which I'm way excited for so I'll definitely share the link for his kickstarter on my blog tomorrow :). I have to say it was cool to get a picture with Dezcreepcore she's pretty awesome and I got a signed print of her cosplaying as Spider-Gwen who is my favorite :).

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