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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Review: Batman Beyond #9

This issue opens up with Batman flying to Metropolis. Did you remember to bring a lot of water Batman cause Matt forgot to bring a lot of water last issue. Anyways next we get a boring panel that makes me think in a future issue we'll get a riot in Neo-Gotham. I'm hoping we get a riot in a future issue. We see Tim Drake go to Metropolis where he sees a bunch of pictures telling people about some doctor. You know people of Metropolis if you ate an apple a day it'd keep the doctor away. Wait no it doesn't cause I ate one yesterday and still had to go to the doctors today. I'm guessing the doctor didn't get the memo that I'd eaten my apple for the day. Next Tim goes around asking people about the doctor and one guy tells him that he took his brother Mikey away. No sir I'm guessing your brother went off to become a teenage mutant ninja turtle thst loves pizza, has a skateboard and numchucks and yells cowabunga! A lot. Batman finally finds Matt who proceeds to run after green lanterns ring after it flys away. With how stupid this kid is I have to wonder how he hasn't died off from his own stupidy. Next issue the death of Matt. Anyways next Batman fights some apes from the planet of the apes. So in the next issue is Batman gonna escape, find the statute of liberty and start screaming dam you! Dam you all to hell! If so I will quit reading the series. Not that there's anything wrong with the planet of the apes it's just I don't think a Batman series needs a bunch of apes running the world while throwing their own shit at each other. This issue ends with us finding out what the doctors real name is. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good well except for some parts. I give this issue a 8 out of 10. No doctor I've had my apple today. I don’t think Batman has had an apple so take him away. Things I learned from this issue. The planet of the apes is having a crossover with Batman Beyond. Sadly DC Comics didn't tell the readers about this so they'd no not to pick up this arc if they don't want to see a bunch of apes running the world while they throw their own shit at each other.

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