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Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: Green Arrow Rebirth #1

This issue opens up with Oliver Queen telling some waiter about his date and how he doesn't like her dad cause he's one of those guys that think guns should marry other guns. I don't know if he meant that as in her dad thinks the same sex should get married or that he wants the people to give up their right to have a gun. If it's the second one that makes me think hey the writer is are trying to ruin Green Arrow and are gonna blame it on Dr. Manhattan cause if Oliver Queen really thought that way it's like if guns kill people so does your bow and arrows so thus you shouldn't even have those. Anyways next we see Oliver Queen give some homeless people a hundred dollar bill which flys right into the sewers. Note to self if someone gives me a hundred dollars don't get really excited and let it slip out of my hand cause chances are some evil person living in the sewers will take me away. Next we see Green Arrow fight some person who's trying to kidnap the homeless boy we saw earlier. We find out that the person trying to take the homeless kid is Black Canary. There goes DC trying to ruin good characters again. Just give us Black Canary from the tv show. Actually not that one cause she's dead. Just keep the tv writers away from this Black Canary or she'll end up dead to. Anyways we see Green Arrow take Black Canary and the homeless boy back to his apartment where they give the homeless boy a bath. Better give him a shit ton of food so he doesn't end up dead the next day. This just in a really clean homeless boy was found dead. Also Oliver Queen has different sister in the comics named Emi. Darn I was hoping Thea Queen would be in the comics so I could see her. Later on we see Green Arrow and Black Canary take the clean homeless kid home who finds his dad. I'm surprised the dad didn't ask him how he got so clean or if he got a big meal out of it to. Anyways we see sewer men attack the homeless people village. Yes that's what I'm gonna call it since they live in a jungle. Green Arrow wounds one and finds out where all the other missing homeless people are. Next we get a fight scene of Black Canary and Green Arrow vs evil sewer men. Sewer men: 0 Green Arrow &Black Canary: 2. This issue ends with Oliver Queen finally finding out Black Canarys secret identity. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I'll let the first little bit slide. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. So are Green Arrow and Black Canary gonna become a thing soon. Things I learned from this issue. The evil villain shows that he's an evil villain. To find out why I'm saying that go buy and read this issue.

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