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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review: Silk #7

This issue opens up with Silk running away from a fight... really is that all your good at Silk? Where's the badass Silk from her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man and from the first volume of her series before stupid wars took place. I mean heck their stupid cause they weren't really that secret. Heck if they really were secret wars then no one would know about them. Anyways I'm guessing Silk must have become a wimp after working with Black Cat. I mean in a way it makes sense if you think about it. No I'm not gonna explain. If I do every chick will be trying to cut my balls off for making a cat joke. So go ahead reader think about it till you finally get it. Also this is why I'm starting to like the Silk series less and less. I mean hell Spider-Gwen wouldn't run from a fight she'd kick all their asses till they were down for the count. Don't believe me go read every issue of her series and you'll see just how badass she is. We go back a few hours to when Silk ditched her friends to go see her family on Earth-65. See she's not a wimp for doing that cause that's not running away from a fight but she should have told Spider-Gwen and Jessica Drew to come with her. Anyways Silk meets her family on Earth-65 who are pretty upset with her since she cut them out of her life. Dam Cindy Moon of Earth-65 is kinda badass. I mean yes she's a bitch for what she did but I'm guessing she wouldn't run from a fight. I'm hoping we get a showdown between Earth-65 Cindy Moon  and Spider-Gwen. Anyways Earth-65 Albert gives Silk a invitation to his graduation which helps her find out where Earth-65 Cindy Moon is. Dam she's rich which can only mean that she uses that money for evil things. Don't believe me well Silk will prove it for me. See she just entered her secret lab which also shows the latest news of all the evil she's done in the world. Is it me or is Otto Octavius from Earth-65 more of a wimp then the other Otto Octavius. So later on Silk does something stupid and we go back to when she called Jessica Drew. I'm gonna say that's not how it really went down cause when she got the call she was drinking with Captain Stacy but I won't complain cause I get to see Spider-Gwen in this issue so I'll let it slide. We go back to where this issue started. Note to self don't trust Silk to fight bad guys if she's all alone. This issue ends with us finding out that the Otto Octavius of Earth-65 is into henti. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise really good. Loving this crossover so far :). I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I can't wait to see Jessica Drew beat herself up. Things I learned from this issue. Otto Octavius of Earth-65 loves henti way to much. Please keep his henti out of the next issue cause I don't want to be scarred for life.

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