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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Review: Wonder Woman #1

This issue opens up with Wonder Woman jumping off a waterfall. Is this a comic book or are we getting some weird jungle live documentary? As you can see the beautiful native women just jumped off that waterfall. Now she's running through the jungle. Quick lets follow her with our cameras. Anyways next we get a scene with some government operation or something we also meet a new character named Steve Trevor... or is is Trevor Steve. Great now I'm gonna have to look this up on gooogle to find out which one is right. For now I'll just call him Steve though since that was the first named the Commander uttered. We see Steve in a firefight that him anf his men win. Apparently Wonder Woman flew over or into the area that he's in at the moment. Is there two Wonder Womans now? Like did DC Comics create a new Wonder Woman for that guy who harasses women at DC. The old Wonder Woman won't let me touch her breast and other areas so will you writers please create me a new one that will let me do all that and not tell anyone. Hopefully the Wonder Woman that won't let him touch her will go kick his ass. Next we get more of the jungle documentary. As you can see the beautiful native women is now talking to herself out loud. I think she's crazy guys. Later on we see the commander ask Steve if he told Wonder Woman about the mission. No I highly doubt he did cause Wonder Woman is talking to herself at the moment while in a jungle documentary. I mean the Wonder Woman that got created for that low life sack of shit who works at DC probably flew over there to ruin the mission for you guys. And yes he's evil which means the Wonder Woman that the writers made for him is probably evil to. This issue ends with some Cheetah chick attacking Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman telling her that she can't find her home. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Poor Wonder Woman she wouldn't let that low life sack of shit touch her so he had the writers write her home out of existence. Can't wait to see her kick his ass and have the writers write her home back into existence. Things I learned from this issue. Wonder Womans live jungle documentary is now in comics but I'm sure a few months from now it'll be on dvd and blueray at your local Walmart so you can watch it for yourself.

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