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Monday, October 17, 2016

Review: The Flash Rebirth #1

This issue opens up with Barry Allen investigating a case just like his mothers case years ago. What is the little girl gonna grow up to become a speedster? Anyways Barry Allen has some visions where he sees Wally West who loves to break into peoples houses and try to give old men heart attacks cause he's The Flash so he can do whatever he wants. Oh look it's Reverse-Flash... I mean Zoom. Wait why isn't Zoom in a black costume like in The Flash tv show? Guessing the tv show is on a different earth and that's why Zoom has a black costume instead of a yellow one. So later on Barry Allen tells his dad about the case he's working and how he had visions. Wow even Barrys dad in the comics knows his secret identity except he isn't dead like the one in the tv show who I'm sure will be alive in season three. We get to see what we already saw in the Dc Universe Rebirth Special which is where Barry Allen brings Wally West back and they have a bro hug moment. So Wally West tells Barry Allen everything that's happened. I'm sure he left out the part where he was a jerk and broke into peoples homes, spied on people and tried to give an old man a heart attack. Or I'm sure he said ya I went and saw Batman. I knocked on his door and when he saw me he looked at me like I was stupid for even breaki- I mean knocking on his door and trying to talk to him. Also Wally I'm sure Dr. Manhattan made it so your wife doesn't remember you which is a lie cause everything that's happening to our heros is all DC Comics fault. So I'm sure they probably left your wife in a room all alone with the guy who harasses women at DC and he probably told her that if she ever brought you back he'd keep harassing her. Which he'll do even if she does what he says cause that's what a low life sack of shit he is. So after Barry Allen brings Wally West back which is a bad idea cause I'm sure he's gonna go break into some more houses cause he's The Flash and can do whatever he wants. We see Batman and The Flash talk about the smiley face with blood on it and how both of them should be the only two who work on the case. This issue ends with us seeing a speedster at the crime scene that Barry Allen was at earlier. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I'm sure if Wally West went to DC Comics headquarters he'd be able to beat up the guy who harasses women and get his wife to remember him with that low life sack of shit out of the picture. Things I learned from this issue. If you ever need a pizza delivered to you really quick just get saved by the flash and tell him your hungry for some pizza so that he'll go buy you a couple boxes and bring them to you.

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