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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Review: Spider-Man #2

This issue opens up with The Amazing Spider-Man asking Spider-Man what he did. Really you think he caused all this damage Amazing Spider-Man? I think you're giving him more credit then he deserves. The Amazing Spider-Man ask him what color the demon was which makes him talk about a red one. Next we Blackheart come back and knock The Amazing Spider-Man off panel for a few pages while Spider-Man kicks his ass. Dam is all I can say. To see how Much ass Spider-Man kicked go buy this issue. Next we Spider-Man telling his friend what happened and then going off about how he touched the deamon and how it touched him which I thought was stupid. That's like if after the flash fought reverse flash he said I touched him and he touched me it was soooo gross! Like you realize how stupid that is right. Anyways next we see Black Cat doing push-ups while watching the news. Dam she's so sweaty snd sexy. This issue ends with Miles Morales going to home to find his grandmother there basically telling him she's gonna open a can of whoop ass on him. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise eh only one part made md want to sleep. I give this issue a 9 out of 10. Next issue Spider-Man vs Grandma who will win? Things I learned from this issue. Never touch a demon and never let it touch you cause it's sooooo gross! Like what is he part girl?

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