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Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Daredevil #7

This issue opens up with Daredevil letting Elektra kick his ass so she'll see that he didn't do anything wrong. Note to self don't ever let someone beat the shit out of you to prove a point to them cause that would hurt like a bitch. We learn that Elektras daughters name is Iona who she had in her tummy while she trained with stick. I don't think fighting and getting bruises is the smartest thing to do when you're pregnant. Anyways she tells Daredevil how she left her child with stick. You sure that's the smartest idea. I mean if these guys supposedly trained you to be an assassin then who says they won't pull that shig with your kid. I mean wouldn't the smart thing to do is quit what you're doing now and go live peacefully with your child? So Elektra shows Daredevil a phone that has some video on it. We later learn that the phone is empty and has no video on it.... so basically Elektra is bat shit crazy at this point. I'm guessing whatever Daredevil did to wipe certain memories away made her go bat shit crazy. Next we see Matt Murdock offer some kid a job. To see who the kid is go buy and read this issue. Later on Daredevil tells Elektra that someone is playing tricks on her and sent her an empty phone. Quit lying to her Daredevil you know whatever you did to wipe certain memories away made her go bat shit crazy. Damit because he lied to her she just killed some guy in an ally way and is beating the shit out of the one who has cancer. The one who has cancer says something that makes Elektra cry a river. Miss I have cancer and am gonna die in a week so please just let me go so I can die in peace. To see how this issue ends go buy this issue and read it. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise... wait seriously this arc only lasted two issues. What the hell? I give this issue a 10 out of 10. So who put Elektra through all that shit? Things I learned from this issue. If you ever get in a fight with someone just let them beat the shit out of you so you can prove to them that you're not in the wrong. And I guess if they try and kill it don't fight it either just let them kill you if they think you did something wrong and you didn't.

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