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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Review: Batman & Robin Eternal #6

This issue opens up with Dick Grayson stalking Bruce Wayne. Did Bruce teach you to stalk people Grayson or did Spyral. I'm guessing Spyral did unless Bruce told you to stalk Barbara Gordon in your spare time when you were Robin. Anyways next the rest of the issue is of flashbacks of Grayson almost getting blown up. I guess he survived cause he's a superhero and apparently you can't ever kill a superhero off which I think is bullshit. We also see him punching scarecrows. Damit so that's where my scarecrows went. I'm gonna have to ask yhat you don't ruin them so I can get them back and scare the crows away from my crops. Dam superheros thinking just cause they save people that they can start stealing their shit. Anyways next we see some rich brat brag to Bruce Wayne about how hot his wife is and how they tried page forty nine in the sex moves hand book. Anyways after he brags some guy comes out and scares the shit out of him I guess since he runs back in like he's the guys bitch. Later on we see Batman see Orphan kill rich brat and his wife. Hopefully he didn't kill them while they were trying page 69 in the book. Anyways to see what happens next and how the issue ends go buy this issue and read it. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good I have to say I really liked the flashbacks. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. So I wounder if that one guy who harasses women at Dc comics reads all these books and once he sees these chicks he tries to grab their breast and shove his tongue down their throat and sadly fails and cries like a little bitch for awhile. As you can tell I hate him and hope they fire his ass soon. Things I learned from this issue. Stalking people is ok as long as you know them. Or even if you have a crush on them and someone tells you to do it in your spare time.

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