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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #5

This issue opens up with Spider-Man and the hot Mockingbird getting in a jet and then her decking him in the face. Oh fuck ya she just made Spider-Man her bitch. Is it odd that I'd still like to see them get together after she did that. Like I admit he deserved it since he started bragging like a right brat snd smart brat. Note to self never piss Mockingbird off cause she can definitely knock you the fuck out if she wants to. Anyways Spider-Man and Mockingbird find out what the zodiac had planned all along and go to Parker Industries in London. Anyways while in London something bad and good happens that helps them figure out what place the zodiac are attacking in London. Dam Peter chill out and take it as a win. Hell that's what I'd do. Also I swear in one issue Anna Maria told him that the robot butler was made of nanotech or had nanotech in it... I mean unless that whole conversation got thrown out the window after secret wars which I didn't even read cause it sounded stupid to me. Then again so does Civil War Two yet I've got that in my pull. Oh hey sure I'll take one of your drinks robot butler. Dam did you really make this tasty beverage Mr. Robot butler? You did dam not bad. Hey guys you should really be nice to Mr. Robot butler and try his tasty beverages. Is it sad to say that I kinda want Otto Octavius to take over Peter Parkers body for good and become the new Spider-Man. Hell I'm gonna go buy and read his series. Also if Otto Octavius ever does lash out it'll probably be because all the employees and guests at Parker Industries treated him like shit and didn't even try his tasty beverages which are really tasty. Anyways we get a fight scene between team Spider-Man and team zodiac. To see who wins go buy and read this issue. Anyways later on Peter Parker fires Sajani and takes all her sharehold in the company. I feel like this is gonna come back to bite him in the ass and that Parker Industries might get a new owner and name. This issue ends with us finding out who Scorpio is. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. Have to say can't wait to read the next arc. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. So when will Otto Octavius strike? Things I learned from this issue. Don't be an ass to Mr. Robot butler. His tasty beverages are extremely tasty. But hey if you won't take my word for it then you'll be shit out of luck when Mrm Robot butler takes over the world.

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