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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review: Batman Beyond #8

This issue opens up with Batman going to Matts last known location where he runs into Rewire. What'd Rewire do? Kill the guy working there and then sleep in there all night till Batman came there? If so how did the authorities not catch him already? I'm guessing that the authorities were just sitting on their lazy asses the whole time. Note to self never trust the authorities in Neo-Gotham because they all suck at their job. Next we see that Matt wasn't being smart when he ran off because he forgot to pack more water. Don't worry Matt all the runway teens end up being stupid when they run away. Good thing he ran into some people who let him have some of their water. If they hadn't shown up at all it would've made this arc very short cause Matt would've died. Next we get a flashback of Microns life. To see the flashback go buy this issue. Next we get a boring talk between Luke Fox and Batman. This issue ends with us meeting three characters. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise could've done without the boring talk. I give this issue a 8 out of 10. So what does the Batwing costume look like? Things I learned from this issue. If you go to Neo-Gotham learn how to protect yourself cause the authorities won't do it for you. And if you get killed or get robbed they'll just let the person who robbed or killed you get away with it.

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