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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bullshit Blog Update #136

Hey been months and days since I've wrote one of these. So what's new in my life you may ask. Well not much though I did go to Salt lake comic con at the beginning of the month which was pretty fun. Go to meet the star of Arrow which was unreal. Didn't pay for an autograph though cause I didn't feel like spending sixty dollars just to have him sign something for me. I did get to meet the writer of the webcomic Not a villain which is pretty good so you should look that up on Google to get the webcomics link. Got a few new series that were pretty good. The two titles are Solar Flare and Silver. If you haven't read Silver you should look into checking it out. Lets just says it deals with vampires and silver so I mean what could go wrong? Yes I'd definitely go to Salt lake comic con again cause it was so fun :). Also there are two series I won't be reviewing any more and they are Deadpool and Harley Quinn. Yes I'm still going to get them and read them. Just won't review them since I review a lot of titles already. Anyways that's all for now. Oh by the way when my friend saw the star of Arrow he wanted to breathe heavily on him while he touched his muscles.

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